Meet Nicole Byer from the Netflix competition series

Season 7 of Nailed it! will premiere on October 5th with a new group of contestants taking part in impressive Halloween-themed cooking challenges. In addition to chef Jacques Torres, the show will be hosted by American actress and comedian Nicole Byer. The 36-year-old hosted Nailed it! since 2018 and also received a Primetime Emmy Award … Read more

Netflix “renews Heartbreak High for a second season”

Netflix “renewed Heartbreak High for a second season” after 1990s Australian reboot became a worldwide hit By Caleb Taylor for Daily Mail Australia Published: 03:10 BST, Oct 2, 2022 | Updated: 9:06 am BST, October 2, 2022 Netflix has quietly renewed Heartbreak High’s Australian reboot for a second season, reports say. According to The Sunday … Read more

Tiger & Bunny Season 2 prepares for part 2 with the new Netflix trailer

Tiger & Bunny is one of the major franchises returning for new episodes as part of the busy anime schedule for fall 2022, and Netflix is ​​gearing up for the second half of the season with a new trailer that teases the next wave of episodes! The superhero franchise surprisingly returned for a second season … Read more

Don’t watch “Blonde” on Netflix if you like Marilyn Monroe or Ana de Armas

blonde Netflix After a short theatrical tour, Blonde has now arrived on Netflix, NC-17’s look at the life of Marilyn Monroe that has been crushed by critics and shunned by the public alike. I wanted to express my opinion, but after almost three hours of viewing yesterday, I understood what it is. It’s a heartbreaking … Read more

Review of the Netflix series “Through the Darkness” – Revolutionizing the police force

Agui Maeumeul Ilgneun Jadeul or Those Who Read the Hearts of Evil or Through the Darkness is a crime thriller based on a web novel. This drama contains the experiences of Song Ha-young, who is also the first Korean profiler. In the first episode of the series, we are taken to March 1998 and we … Read more

Review of the Netflix series “One the Woman” – Lee Hanee steals our hearts

“One the Woman” is about a daring prosecutor who swaps her position for her wealthy doppelganger after being the victim of an accident. Yeon-ju is an ardent prosecutor who knows how to get to the top. She is involved in everything a prosecutor should avoid, like taking bribes and getting into gang fights. Her character … Read more

Netflix Movie Review of “I Love You My Arrogance 2” – It’s all we’ve ever seen!

Love You My Arrogance 2 is the Thai film just released on Netflix, a sequel to the film, Love You My Arrogance. The second part continues the story offered to us in the first but with some new additional characters. The main characters remain the same, and their story and emotions also remain the same. … Read more

KathNiel movies you can watch on Netflix

Hard to believe it’s been 11 years since Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s duo became famous as KathNiel. Their love team quickly gained fame and admiration for their incredible on-screen chemistry, which soon became a real-life romance. Individually, Kathryn and Daniel have also become two of the brightest stars of their generation In commemoration of … Read more

Review of the Netflix series of “Phantom Pups” – A sweet spooky show

Every ghost movie starts with a haunted house and new owners moving in and out of the same place. Similar is the start of Phantom Pups, in which three puppies are tricked by an evil ghost of a dog, Grim. Chewy, Booey and Lewy are three stray puppies who were present at Maplecrest Manor on … Read more