The Sandman Loses Spot Atop Netflix TV Rankings

The Sandman, the acclaimed TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s DC Comics series, has sat atop the Netflix Top 10 TV Shows since the day it debuted. The final season of Locke & Key this past Wednesday wasn’t enough to knock it out of the number one spot, proving just how popular it had already become. … Read more

The Top 10 Movies And Shows On Netflix Today: August 15, 2022

‘The Sandman’ stretched its Top 10 streak to ten days today on Netflix. Netflix Here are the top ten movies and TV shows on Netflix NFLX in the United States for August 14, 2022. Each day, I will update this list and observe the trends that change from day to day, week to week. August … Read more

Locke & Key Returns to Netflix Top 10 After Final Season Debut

The final season of Netflix’s Locke & Key adaptation has finally arrived. The streaming take on IDW’s beloved comic book had a difficult journey to the screen, but things finally worked out when it landed at Netflix and has lasted for a total of three seasons. Season 3, which was released on Wednesday, concludes the … Read more

Ryan Gosling Has Two Movies in the Netflix Top 10

For the past couple of weeks, Ryan Gosling has been one of the biggest name on Netflix. Gosling starred in The Gray Man alongside Chris Evans, which has already delivered one of the biggest openings for an original film in Netflix history. Now, another Gosling movie has made its way to Netflix and it is … Read more

Netflix’s Purple Hearts Has Biggest Week Yet for a 2022 Movie

It’s Tuesday, so that means a new batch of data from Netflix about what subscribers are watching has been released; and a surprising new movie, the romance film Purple Hearts, appears to have broken multiple records. The politically-themed feature, which puts a modern Left vs Right spin on the Marriage of Convenience trope, had the … Read more

Manifest Returns to Netflix Streaming Charts Ahead of Final Season

After Manifest was cancelled by NBC, Netflix swooped in to save the popular mystery series, giving it one more season to answer all of the lingering cliffhangers and plot threads. Netflix handed Manifest a final order of 20 episodes, allowing the show to wrap up its story and giving fans the conclusion they’ve been asking … Read more

Tom Holland’s Uncharted Conquers Netflix Top 10

Sony’s live-action adaptation of Uncharted finally arrived in theaters earlier this year, with Tom Holland taking on the role of beloved adventure hero Nathan Drake. The film was a solid success in theaters, kicking off a great 2022 for the big screen and beginning a new film franchise for both Sony and Holland. This weekend, … Read more

Eddie Murphy’s Tower Heist Is a Hit on Netflix

When August arrived, the Men in Black and Spider-Man trilogies stood out as the biggest movies being added to Netflix’s streaming roster. It came as no surprise to see both Men in Black 3 and Spider-Man 2 appear on the Netflix Top 10 Movies list just one day after arriving on the service. What’s much … Read more