The American renaissance of Bitcoin takes root – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion piece by Evan Price, a 15-year software engineer and advocate for privacy rights. Americans love good rebirth. An awakening is the religious fervor that spreads across the country, often leaving behind new churches and social movements. Revivals begin with a deep and pervasive sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo. Then … Read more

Examining Bitcoin’s Role In Palestine – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Seth Cantey, an associate professor of politics, and Mohammed Mourtaja, a Palestinian student studying international economics. A debate is taking shape over whether bitcoin can play a role in Palestinians’ quest for freedom from Israeli occupation. It began a year ago, in September 2021, when Chief Strategy Officer at … Read more

Building Bitcoin Communities in the Philippines – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Dustin Watchman, founder of the Cloud 21 Siargo bitcoin community education group. What if we could recreate the elements of a big city that we all love but on a much smaller scale? What are those elements that we would try to replicate? For much of history, cities have … Read more

Argentina Long Live The Bitcoin Revolution – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Samantha Messing, a Brown graduate who makes the world a better place with Bitcoin. Investment legend and limo liberal Warren Buffett has never been a fan of Bitcoin. He recently commented: “If you offered me all the Bitcoins in the world for $ 25, I wouldn’t accept it.” Obviously … Read more

Driving Bitcoin Adoption at Silverstone – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Charles MacKenzie, head of business development at BitcoinRacing. The UK’s most prestigious motorsports circuit, which became the permanent home of the Grand Prix in 1987, and has remained a fixture on the F1 calendar since it will soon be overrun by a small army of Bitcoin enthusiasts. Over 125 … Read more

It is important to teach people about Bitcoin – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion piece by Phil Snyder, professor, video director and editor. While developing my Bitcoin course at the University of Houston, I felt a bit like Dr. Albert Schweitzer landing in equatorial Africa in 1913. I had my trusty black bag full of orange pills, but I had no idea if anyone of … Read more

Bitcoiners need to be politically involved – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Mark Shut, startup founder, educator and content creator. The conversation about economic policy and regulatory changes beyond outdated monetary standards is rooted in freedom through a new Bitcoin standard. The push for political involvement is not only necessary for freedom, it is inevitable in a revolution that calls for … Read more

Bitcoin is an opportunity for Central America – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Pierre Corbin, producer and director of the documentary “The Great Reset And The Rise of Bitcoin”. Bitcoin’s properties make it the perfect asset for gaining one’s sovereignty. But this doesn’t just apply to individuals. This is as important to nation-states as it is to citizens of a nation. On … Read more

Improved UI and User Experience of Bitcoin Nodes – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an op-ed by Ram, a 20-year-old student, soldier, and storyteller. Imagine this: Your little girl is fiddling with her laptop and yelling, “Wow!” and “Oh!” You wonder what’s going on. Is it a cartoon? Is it anime? Why is she so excited? Since I, in my twenties, write this in Singapore, about 15,000 … Read more

Guide Bitcoin Through South Carolina – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Dennis Fassuliotis, founder of South Carolina Blockchain Inc. and co-founder of South Carolina Emerging Technology Association, Inc. Why, you might ask? For starters, South Carolina is on the verge of a financial revolution, so to speak, in terms of building a confluence of support for emerging blockchain technologies that … Read more