The creators of the heartwarming Netflix movie I Used To Be Famous: “If this movie has any kind of positive effect, then that’s all for us.”

I was famous tells the extraordinary story of a ruined boyband star who joins forces with an autistic drummer for another chance at success. Starting from that unusual premise, director Eddie Sternberg and producer Collie McCarthy have created a cinematic jewel, which is having a real-world impact on the issue of representation. Heartfelt dramas with … Read more

How the price of bitcoin could react when institutional interest decreases

Bitcoin (BTC) falling below the $ 18,500 level has taken the market by surprise as the interests of retail and institutional investors are taking a particular turn. Bitcoin has kept its rangebound price move below the psychological barrier at $ 20,000. As the long-term trends presented a rather skewed picture of the broader cryptocurrency market, … Read more

After the Altar season two memes

Sal is the new Shake, end of! Love Is Blind: After the Altar Season 2 brought us hilarious drama and memes from Twitter. Since it was released on Netflix last week, the reactions have been iconic. Love Is Blind: After the Altar, Season 2 has caught up with us as to where everyone is, to … Read more

Why are Bitcoin tail emissions important?

There is an argument that bitcoin tail issues could be inflationary. Let’s assume the 21 million bitcoin hard cap continues to remain in place. If so, it could be argued that there won’t be enough reward for bitcoin miner to continue generating bitcoins without the price of a transaction increasing substantially. The alternative to creating … Read more

This college dropout started a tea stall that now accepts Bitcoin

What if you could take as little risk as possible that could change your life? This is what a young man from Bangalore did when he dropped out of college to start his own business. With a starting capital of just 30,000 rupees, 22-year-old student Shubham Saini has set up a tea stall called “The … Read more

The big differences between R99 and R199 Netflix

South Africans can stream movies and TV shows on Netflix, the world’s most popular streaming service, at monthly rates ranging from R49 to R199. The streaming giant offers four plans in the country: Mobile, Basic, Standard, and Premium, each of which allows you to stream from the same catalog of more than 5,000 movies and … Read more

Netflix’s first Korean musical reality series

‘Take 1.’ Poster Photo courtesy of Netflix. In the early 1960s, with the emergence of broadcast networks, Korean television began to highlight music-oriented projects. Consider KBS1 Korea singsalias National Singing Competition (1980), where amateurs perform vibrant jokes and songs. Having aired around 2008 episodes to date, it is Korea’s longest running television event so far. … Read more