The winner of the Netflix reality show creates a new glass specific to a type of drink

Elliot Walker of Blowfish Glass, Wordsley, who worked with SodaStream to develop the world's first sparkling water glass.
Elliot Walker of Blowfish Glass, Wordsley, who worked with SodaStream to develop the world’s first sparkling water glass.

Elliot Walker was crowned Blown Away’s second series winner for his impressive glass art and has now taken on a new creative challenge.

The 35-year-old was contacted by SodaStream to design and create the world’s first specially designed sparkling water glass, which people can use with their new Art Sparkling Water Maker.

Elliot, who is originally from Wolverhampton but now lives in Kinver, said: “The idea was that most of the time you just take a non-sparkling water glass, but you get wine and champagne specific glasses.

“I was working with one of the only two water sommeliers in the country, Doran Binder, who gave me two requirements for the glass. These were a narrow top and a wide base, so the glass picks up the bubbles and sends them to your face. “

Elliot Walker won the second series of the Netflix reality TV contest, Blown Away

Elliot acquired the skills of the trade in the Black Country – studying at Dudley College before completing a master’s degree at Wolverhampton School of Art in Design and Applied Arts, which later became Design and Applied Arts – Glass.

“It’s a shame, there are so few places where you can learn these skills,” Elliot said.

The glass artist is based in the heart of the Black Country at Stourbridge’s Red House Glass Cone, where he and his partner Bethany Wood run Blowfish Glass, a major hybrid hot shop and exhibition space.

“We started our study at the worst possible time,” Elliot admitted, “when we started, the country was facing transportation problems and now there is an energy crisis.

“We are looking at future-proof solutions, but electric ovens are more expensive than gas ones as gas is cheaper than electric.

“Everyone is struggling with energy prices, but luckily we have been very busy and people are really interested in the process. We are seeing a rebirth of glass.

“But it’s going to get harder and harder for other studios, I’ve heard some places with previous £ 14,000- £ 20,000 invoices versus £ 200,000 invoices. The new quotes are ridiculous.”

Elliot Walker with some of his glass artwork. Photo: Simon Bruntnell.

The Elliot Sparkling Water Glass has a bubble nucleated base, which ensures a steady vertical flow of bubbles, as well as a wide base and narrow top to allow bubbles to concentrate in your mouth as you sip.

However, this is a strictly limited product, with the first 100 buyers of the Art Sparkling Water Maker using the ARTOFGLAS code receiving one of the free glasses.

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