Netflix’s new True Crime series tells of a mysterious disappearance

On October 31, 2018, Anne-Elisabeth Hagen mysteriously disappeared from his home in Norway. A ransom note it was the only clue as to where it might be. In Netflix’s new Norwegian true crime series “The Lørenskog Disappearance”, the unsolved case of the missing wife of billionaire Tom Hagen (Terje Strømdahl, “Hodejegerne”) is explained, leaving the audience wondering: Was it really a kidnapping or murder domestic?

At the beginning of the pilot, the viewer is informed that while the show is based on real events, some changes have been made for a dramatic effect. More specifically, the story covered in the episodes did occur, but some names and dates were changed. However, it is a relatively accurate representation of Anne-Elisabeth’s disappearance.

In the opening scene, the audience glimpses what may have happened on the morning of October 31st. We see a lonely woman in her house who is violently attacked by two individuals. Apparently they knock her unconscious, put her in a body bag and leave, leaving only a note behind her. After the dramatic build-up, we see that this is just a police trial to test how long the kidnapping might have taken.

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