Local winery featured in the world famous Netflix series “Love is Blind: After the Altar”

By Ryan Yuenger
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Love may be blind, but the producers of one of Netflix’s top 10 series weren’t when they chose a location in southwestern Michigan as the setting for one of their episodes.

Lemon Creek Winery

in Berrien Springs appeared in the last season of Love is blind: after the altar, which premiered on Netflix last Friday and is currently the eighth most popular show in the world, according to. The episode was filmed in March and shows Lemon Creek as the reality show stars enjoy a wine tasting.

Lemon Creek’s Kait Lemon said the cast and crew of about 35-40 people shot for about four hours, which translated into about seven minutes of showtime inside the winery. The cast has joined that of Baroda Fruitful visits to the vine trailer and I had the wine tasting experience in southwestern Michigan, according to Lemon.

“It’s a big deal for our small region to be there,” Lemon said. “I think it shows that our area has truly grown nationwide and that Michigan wines no longer have to be ‘hunted’. Going to a Michigan winery is as acceptable on TV now as going to a Californian winery is. This is probably the best thing for us and for the region ”.

Lemon also made sure to locate Dan Madden, owner of Fruitful Vine.

“He did a fabulous job of welcoming everyone to the show and did most of the work behind the scenes,” Lemon said. “He is one of the biggest and best in the area and caters to true wine drinkers.”

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One of the wines featured in the episode was Lemon Creek’s Blanc De Blanc dry champagne, but the cast was offered a little bit of everything from pinot grigio to cabernet sauvignon. Lemon said some of the cast and crew bought a few bottles before they left.

There has also been a noticeable increase in attention, both locally and across the country. Since the premiere last week, Lemon has stated that there have been numerous orders coming in from all over the country, including California. Locals also called and emailed the winery to make sure their eyes weren’t fooling them.

“We are, in fact, who has been featured,” Lemon said. “It was fun to see the domino effect. … This show could have gone anywhere. “

For his part on the show, Lemon said the stardom seems odd, but he’s thrilled to represent the region. Founded in 1855, Lemon Creek has for generations been a region known primarily for its beaches and fruit production.

“It’s exciting to let the world know [about this region]Limone said. “I think over the past five years the Lake Michigan coast has really become a destination now only for the people of Chicago or Detroit, but for people all over the country. I think they are realizing that we have these pristine beaches, clear waters, wineries, breweries and everything in between. It is finally making its way across the US that this is a great place to travel. It’s great to see the tide turn. “

(Images courtesy of Lemon Creek)

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