Bitcoin ETP will debut on the European exchange: details on the decryption

Valor Inc., headquartered in Toronto (formerly known as DeFi Technologies Inc.), is intended for debut its Bitcoin Carbon Neutral Bitcoin Exchange Traded Product (ETP) on Börse Frankfurt, Germany’s largest stock exchange.

About the company

According to the press release, Valor Inc. was founded in 2019 and is the first and only publicly traded company that “bridges the gap between traditional capital markets and decentralized finance.” The company aims to guarantee its customers access to the “future of finance” or to the web3 and decentralized technologies.

The BTC Carbon Neutral ETP becomes Valor’s 11th ETP offering and will begin trading for the product.

Through its ETP BTC Carbon Neutral, Valor intends to offer clients a sustainable investment product in line with ESG objectives. According to the company, this benefits the environment while offsetting the carbon footprint associated with Bitcoin.

Russell Starr, CEO of Valor, said: “As a proud signer of the Crypto Climate Accord, Valor takes its ESG obligations seriously. We want to offer retail and institutional investors alike the tools to take part in the exciting ecosystem of digital assets and we are very proud to offer our first carbon neutral product. “

Learn more about the ETP

The investment in the ETP will fund certified carbon removal and offsetting initiatives with a low management fee of 1.49%. This will be achieved through Patch, a climate action infrastructure provider that Valor has partnered with for this ETP.

In order to facilitate Valor’s Carbon Neutral goal, Valor will select projects and make sure they have been audited by qualified and recognized organizations and standards. Factors that are considered by Patch when selecting projects include additionality, real and verifiable permanence.

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Patch will further assess the carbon emissions in Valor’s portfolio by examining factors such as mining equipment efficiency, hash power distribution, and nationwide carbon emissions data.

Growing interest in ETPs

The main German banks Comdirect and Onvista announced Last month Valor’s ETPs and other crypto products will be made available to their retail clients in Germany. Bank customers will have the option to add ETPs of Valor such as Bitcoin Zero and Ethereum Zero, into their investment portfolios.

On August 24, Valor announced which will launch its Binance Coin ETP on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. This ETP follows the BNB price. According to the Valor website, the current fair value of the ETP is € 2,805

Such products benefit the broader cryptocurrency industry by not only exposing institutions to crypto products, but also by providing an environmentally friendly way to invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, which is often seen as an energy-intensive asset. The growing popularity of sustainable cryptocurrency-related products will go a long way in repairing the industry’s image.

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