Bitcoin back on the rise? How does this affect new projects like Big Eyes Coin?

The cryptocurrency market went through an unpredictable run this year, from slowdown to complete collapse, to the upside again. As we enter the fourth quarter, it is difficult to predict how the market will change. Bitcoin (BTC) is the largest cryptocurrency on the market and many cryptocurrency enthusiasts often use the value of BTC to match the market situation. For example, if Bitcoin is in decline, they will see that the overall market is in decline, but if BTC is doing well, then the market is doing well. This is a common way for users to understand the market. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is slowly recovering as it is currently worth $ 22,300, an increase from around $ 18,500 a few days ago. But what does this mean for new crypto projects like Big Eyes (BIG)?

The impact of Bitcoin (BTC)
As Bitcoin is the largest and most popular cryptocurrency in the world, there is no doubt that Bitcoin has a great impact on the market as a whole. From the influence of other cryptocurrencies and projects to cryptocurrency users and investors, Bitcoin plays an important role in the crypto community.

Bitcoin is also the oldest cryptocurrency in existence as it was the first to be created and is essentially the reason the cryptocurrency market exists. Launched in 2009, it is now over a decade old but still the most influential. But how exactly does it affect the cryptocurrency community?

As mentioned above, many cryptocurrency users will determine the overall market trend based on the current value of BTC. If it is low, the overall market is not doing well, which may influence some users to “buy the drop”, alienating other investors for the time being. Furthermore, if BTC is at the highest level, the overall market can be considered exceptionally well, suggesting that it could grow further.

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Furthermore, Bitcoin also has an influence on other cryptocurrencies, directly or indirectly. Many new cryptocurrency projects aspire to be like Bitcoin and achieve similar levels of success. An example of this is Big Eyes.

What is Big Eyes (BIG)?
Big Eyes is a new crypto project to enter the market and is currently in presale. Big Eyes is a meme coin that also focuses on decentralized finance. DeFi is the idea of ​​individuals who have power and control over their own funds and finances. In essence, users can make purchases and transactions without the need for a third party such as a bank. Also, this is available to all people as no documents or personal information are required.

As the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is what brought the DeFi idea forward as it allowed users to trade digital currencies on their own, giving them complete control and not needing the permission of a government party. However, as the years go by, crypto projects like Big Eyes take DeFi one step further with “Big Eyes Swap”. This will be part of the Big Eye ecosystem where tutorials and how-to guides will help simplify the idea of ​​DeFi and make it more accessible to people around the world as it can be quite daunting.

Big Eyes has a lot to offer and because it’s currently in presale, the token fees are low. However, it is important to conduct further research before making any cryptocurrency decisions due to the unpredictability of the market.

Find out more about Big Eyes (BIG) here:

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