Sophie Turner steals Netflix’s “Do Revenge” in 5 scandalous minutes

If you emerged from Netflix Take revenge yelling “I DON’T NEVER DOOOO COH-CAAAAAAIIIIHNE” in a deep, guttural roar, you have to thank our own person.

In Jennifer Kaytin Robinson and Celeste Ballard’s dark teen comedy, a hymn to gems from the likes of the ’80s,’ 90s and ’00s as heather And Crack jawsSophie Turner plays Erica Norman, one of the most formidable teens who participate in the same fantastic tennis court as the protagonists. Riverdaleby Camila Mendes e Stranger things‘Maya Hawke plays Drea Torres and Eleanor Levetan, high school students seeking revenge against their peers who have wronged them.

Turner appears in the film for only a short amount of time, only five minutes in total – once at the beginning and once towards the end – but he bloody steals the show. Her character, Erica, interacts with the protagonists separately at the tennis court, first bragging to her friend Jessica that Drea’s private video was sent from an anonymous source (without Drea’s consent) and then blaming Eleanor for eavesdropping. for its “strange energy”. Eleanor tries to break the ice with Drea by telling her that Erica showed everyone her video of her. Though Drea rudely throws it in Eleanor’s face, she uses her information to her advantage, planting some cocaine in Erica’s locker and having her expelled from the tennis court in a truly spectacular exit.


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It is here, set on The Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ “The Impression That I Get”, that Turner overshadows the entire film after just 13 minutes. Roaring in thunderous and grave protest that he does not “COH-CAAAAAAIIIIHNE” and spitting insults at a serene Mendes, Turner offers the exquisite epitome of throwing almost grown-up tantrums in public. “You between … her FRAAAAAAMED MEEEEEAAAYYY!” yells at no one in particular, with open arms, expecting a nonexistent jury to jump out of the bushes and erase her name, while his friend Jessica simply sobs: “I don’t know what it LOOKS like. LIIIIIIIIKE !!!” Turner fake screams in Mendes’s face, before being dragged away by security, yelling at Jessica to DO SOMETHING.

The scene lasts less than a minute and is a masterpiece.

But then, she came back! Among the film’s chaotically unpredictable twists, Drea seeks an audience with Eleanor’s nemesis Carissa (Ava Capri) at the Heavenly Palms Rehabilitation Center and Spa – we won’t tell you why. Here, Drea receives a “funny surprise” that he meets Erica. It turns out that Erica was not only expelled from the tennis court thanks to Drea’s stunt, but she lost her Stanford scholarship “and developed a real problem with coke.” Erica explains that one of the steps in her healing is to make amends. Turner and Mendes follow this interaction so perfectly that you might believe they could actually become friends. You would be wrong.

Holding Mendes’s face with both hands in glowing admiration, then venomous contempt, Turner says, “From the bottom of my heart, I wish you nothing … but the worst … for the rest of your miserable existence. “And“, he whispers with all the ready threat of a thousand reared cobras, stroking Drea’s fluffy ball earrings with steady, steady eyes,” I love your ears. I love them.

After Mendes’ perfect handling of the “thank you” crisis, Turner holds his hand firmly to Mendes’s face as he slowly turns to talk to a nurse who interrupts her. I can’t with this. While Drea protects Erica one last time and leaves, Erica picks up the phone from somewhere, begins filming and whispers “Sleep with one eye open, bitch”, before being quickly recalled to the time of craftsmanship (read: painting a portrait of Drea on fire with a snake’s tongue) and roaring in levels of formidable projection of Cate Blanchett to anyone dared to do so.

In the midst of the chaotic and twisted story of Drea and Eleanor’s vengeance path, Erica really got thrown under the bus and while that’s certainly part of the problem, sharing non-consensually shared images around like popcorn and being hostile towards other women. for no reason, she overreacted to being framed was not only right but perfectly wild for the film. As resilient, traumatized and strong Sansa Stark game of Thrones and resilient, traumatized and strong Jean Gray in the X-Men series, we rarely got the chance to see Turner in a purely comic role – well, outside of her now. mythical roast.

Turner shakes the very foundation of Take revenge, bringing his character poised from zero to 100 and into the chaotic beyond with frightening and hilarious power. There’s enough noxious anger here to justify an entire spin-off watching Erica Norman take revenge on Drea and Eleanor, so they better get out of here quickly.

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