After the Altar ‘reminds me how much I love reality TV

“Love is Blind” is one of Netflix’s adventures with the reality TV genre, a quote-free social experiment in which a group of men and women sit through a series of blind dates, with “blind” as their password. Appointments are conducted with each participant in their own little pod, unable to see the person she is talking to and fall in love with. The most recent season follows a few select couples whose blind love has brought them to the altar: Danielle and Nick, Iyanna and Jarrette, Mallory and Salvador, Shayne and Natalie, Shaina and Kyle and Shake and Deepti. Yes, I typed all their names with no need for quick internet searches or references and no, I’m not embarrassed. Whether these couples actually passed their wedding vows is explained in the sequel to the “Love is Blind: After the Altar” series, which keeps the drama going even after the honeymoon phase ends, reminding us all of how much there is. is to love reality TV.

Two years after the initial “Love is Blind” experiment and seven months after it streamed to our screens, two of the series’ couples, Danielle and Nick and Jarette and Iyanna, filmed “After the Altar” while (still ) were married, leaving the rest single and ready to socialize. The three-episode extension of the second season revolves around a weekend to celebrate Natalie’s 30th birthday. In order to keep the drama that fan the flames of every reality show, everyone from the second season of “Love is Blind” is invited, including new significant others from some stars. The only ones left off the birthday party plans are Shake, who was perhaps the show’s most hated personality, and Shayne, because no one wants their ex boyfriend at the birthday party. The new installment of the show takes us through the movements of both party planning and party planning, giving us an insight into everyone’s post-pod lives and new relationships.

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The most notable developments in the pod team’s lives since the second season of “Love is Blind” aired are the new love affairs that have formed – or, in some cases, formed and then ended. , then they reformed and ended again. After the “Love is Blind” reunion episode in which Kyle stated that his biggest regret was not asking Deepti to marry him, the two quickly became friends, doing their best to ignore the obvious tension. romantic and sexual. Fearing damaging their friendship, the two dance around their romantic feelings and their relationship takes center stage in “After the Altar”. Their storyline is so purely sweet it’s a little gross, but luckily the show gives us some more engaging gossip with the continuation of the love triangle between Natalie, Shayne, and Shaina. Natalie and Shayne had an apparently very solid relationship in the second season of “Love is Blind”, but they struggled with communication and, above all, with the interference of Shaina, Shayne’s second choice in the capsules. Once reunited with all the girls from “Love is Blind”, Natalie recounts the details of her rekindled – and ever since extinguished – romance with Shayne after their near wedding. Shaina and Shayne’s alleged friendship continued to loom over Natalie and Shayne’s attempts at reconciliation, closing the door between them forever. Of course, Shaina had to make an appearance at Natalie’s birthday party, if only to be mean and annoying – but let’s be honest, little drama is exactly what reality TV is all about.

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