Top 10 shows like Netflix’s Partner Track

Netflix’s latest romantic series, Track partner introduces Ingrid as she aims to become a partner of her law firm. Although she is the only thing she wants, she is also sidetracked by her new partner and her relationship with her sister.

The show highlights what it’s like to try to make it in a male-dominated environment and juggle a complicated romantic life. There are many television shows that have similar themes and share the same perspectives of being a strong-willed career woman who wants to have it all.


The bold type (2017-2021)

The series follows three best friends who work in a women’s magazine called Scarlet. These characters navigate love and careers as they come together as shoulders to lean on when times get tough.

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The bold type follows many tropes similar to Track partner. Both shows feature career-oriented women who want to be successful in their roles. They also juggle their social lives and adult everyday issues, such as romantic relationships and health issues. The series also dealt with important conversations like sexual assaults and addictions. The bold type featured lighthearted moments and comedic characters that overall made the show a fun watch.

Dresses (2011-2019)

Do you live follows Mike, who becomes a partner in a New York law firm under the influence of a respected attorney named Harvey. He has to hide that he never went to law school.

Similar to Track partner, follows a group of young professionals looking to be successful in their field. They also struggle to maintain their relationships and working life, which causes friction for the show. It also focuses on cases that become the focus of the plot in each episode and takes place on the busy streets of New York City. There is a reason Do you live is one of the best lawyer shows of all time, according to IMDb.

Younger (2015-2021)

Minor centers on 40-year-old Liza, who struggles to find a job after years of being a stay-at-home mother. When she lies about her age, she gets her dream job and has to hide it from everyone.

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Minor has many of the same elements as Track partner. She features strong female friendships and career-oriented individuals. Their professional lives are sometimes intertwined with their romantic aspects. It’s another lighthearted series that can also be binge-eating Track partner. It focuses on the glamorous parts of New York and the vibrant nightlife where the characters are often found in between.

The morning show (2019-)

The series is about a series of events that take place when a well-known TV host is fired on sexual assault charges. It is up to his female co-host to follow and manage the show. The show recently was one of the many surprises of this year’s Emmy nominations.

The series focuses on the scandals and complications of running a TV show and everything that goes on behind the scenes. However, it follows along with the themes of women in positions of power and how this resonates with the rest of society. The protagonists of The morning show it must try to dominate a culture that is also dominated by men.

Emily in Paris (2020-)

A young American, Emily moves to Paris to work in a marketing company. While there, she learns about the culture, work life and falling in love with Emily.

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This female-led series explores the dynamics of the work culture that Emily faces. Emily is also a well-adjusted young woman who admires what she does and lives it in a new country. She also enjoys her life as a single woman and she has just started her career. The themes in Emilia in Paris are very common in Track partner. It’s essentially another Netflix romantic drama that fans of Track partner Would like. It also has serious moments, as well as lighthearted dialogue for casual viewing.

Scandal (2012-2018)

Scandal follows crisis manager, Olivia Pope, who works timelessly to protect those in power from scandals. However, her biggest scandal is her relationship with the President of the United States.

Fan of Track partner will appreciate the hectic moments Scandal. The series had both romantic plots and shocking plots full of drama. Fans have been drawn to the details of politicians and the ways people reach the top. Her romantic storylines were definitely on top and will always be remembered by fans. This item would be a fan favorite Track partner There are a lot of divided and unpopular opinions from fans, which shows how passionate the fans of this series were.

Ugly Betty (2006-2010)

The series revolves around a young woman named Betty who finds a job in a fashion magazine where she is judged on her outward appearance.

Ugly Betty centers around the ruthless world of fashion and beauty. It is not easy for Betty because she is considered an outcast in her work. However, she also juggles with love and family, which is also at the center of the show. Like it Track partner, has a strong focus on the stressful working life and on reaching the top despite obstacles. Both shows are based on the relationship between sisters and family dynamics. Both main characters are strong, positive women that fans cheer for.

Good trouble (2019-)

Two sisters, Callie and Mariana, move into a shared apartment where they meet a group of young people with different backgrounds. Each character inside Good trouble they face various struggles in their personal lives with family, money and romantic relationships.

Callie and Mariana are both concerned with advancing their careers while also dealing with their past insecurities. Callie, being a lawyer, faces many obstacles, trying to put aside her personal feelings. Mariana takes care of being taken seriously in her male dominated work. These characters together know firsthand how Ingrid struggles to balance everything. Ingrid faces these same problems while trying to remain composed and professional.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017-)

In the late 1950s, a young stay-at-home mother finds herself in the world of cabaret. She discovers it’s something she’s passionate about and she takes matters into her own hands for once, and puts her career in the foreground.

Similar to Ingrid, Maisel is another female character who seems to have it together and for the most part the part she does. She struggles to balance people’s expectations while she engages in comedy. Nobody takes her seriously as she has only had experiences as a housewife. She is about to reach the top and struggles with setbacks. The series is also healthy and one of the funniest TV shows running in 2022. The wonderful Mrs. Maisel also romantic and fun to watch.

How to get away with murder (2014-2020)

The series follows a group of young lawyers led by a powerful defense attorney named Annalize Keating. However, they find themselves intertwined in the twisted world of hiding murders and lies.

This drama focuses on the life of lawyers and what they go through. It has a mix of witty jokes and dark themes. However, it is still a legal drama with interesting plots and satisfying case results. The characters inside How to get away with murder they are also fun to watch because they are very different. Fan of Track partner they may find similarities in the characters and how far they are willing to go to win.

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