“The Sandman” Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status and What to Expect

sandman season 2 renewal status and what to expect

The Sandman – Image: Warner Bros. Television / Netflix

of Netflix The man of sand has been streaming on Netflix for over a month and we have yet to know whether or not it will return for a season 2. Here’s everything we know about season 2 of The man of sand on Netflix.

The 10-episode season covers the first two volumes of Neil Gaiman’s seminal comics, Preludes and Nocturnes And The doll’s house.

After the release of the first season, we saw a bonus episode fall on August 19, 2022.

What we see in the first season of The man of sand it simply scratches the surface. The man of sand the comic spans 10 main volumes, plus a prequel and many spinoffs in the larger “Sandman Universe”. If Netflix wants to complete the saga, there is potential for many seasons.

The man of sand Netflix season 2 renewal status

Has The man of sand been renewed or canceled from Netflix?

Official renewal status: Not yet renewed (last update: 15 September 2022)
Our renewal forecast: 50/50

The man of sand has not yet been renewed for a second season and after a month of waiting, we have revised our forecast for the show which now has a 50/50 chance of being renewed.

As we explained in What’s on Netflix, renewals depend on many factors that are not always visible to us viewers. You can read about some renewal factors that will no doubt apply The man of sand here. One of the great things for The man of sand will no doubt be its completion rate (the number of people who will continue to watch the entire season).

The debut season ends on something of a cliffhanger and the team is eager to adapt the rest of the comics.

Neil Gaiman talked about the second season on his Twitter page. Here’s what he has revealed so far regarding the future of the show:

  • Gaiman said even being number 1 in the top 10 may not be enough to get a season 2 adding “Because ‘Sandman’ is a really expensive show”,
  • The scripts for season 2 were written this year
    so they are “ready to go if we have another season”.
  • Asked if the show could be resumed elsewhere if Netflix canceled, Neil Gaiman he said he could be revived somewhere else.
the renewal status of sandman season 2

The Sandman – Image: Netflix

As for when we might see an announcement of the second season, it could arrive in September. This is when Netflix will host its second TUDUM event on September 24th. At the moment, however, the title is not in the TUDUM lineup.

A bad sign for the show is when the social media pages for the title go dark. This was the case between September 1st and September 14th, but thankfully the page is post and retweet again. Netflix’s Tudum site hasn’t uploaded any content from The Sandman since August 23.

How good it is The man of sand performing on Netflix?

Thanks to a myriad of online resources, we can see how well the show is performing and compare it to other shows.

The biggest numbers we get from Netflix are the hourly show viewing figures we get every Tuesday. Over a month later, the show remains in the top 5 UK shows streaming on Netflix. It’s decaying between 30-41% every week.

Compared to other shows (especially those that are canceled), this hourly data shows that interest persists The man of sand.

Weekly period Displayed hours (M) Rank Week in the Top 10
From 31 July 2022 to 7 August 2022 69,480,000 1 1
From 7 August 2022 to 14 August 2022 127,500,000 (+ 84%) 1 2
From 14 August 2022 to 21 August 2022 77,240,000 (-39%) 1 3
From 21 August 2022 to 28 August 2022 53,790,000 (-30%) 2 4
From 28 August 2022 to 4 September 2022 33,320,000 (-38%) 3 5
From 4 September 2022 to 11 September 2022 19,590,000 (-41%) 5 6

In our top 10 weekly reports where What’s on Netflix contributor Frédéric Durand used CVE metrics to compare the show to other English-language dramas, he put the show on a likely revamp with better tracking than Attorney Lincoln and only behind Vikings: Valhalla.

compare netflix partner tracks

The Sandman’s CVE viewer in week 5 compared to other English-language Netflix shows – the red ones are canceled, the green ones renewed, and the black ones on hold.

Completion data will be crucial The man of sand, as we outlined above.

Digital ia London-based SVOD analytics firm previously provided What’s on Netflix with data suggesting that completion rates of less than 50% usually mean shows get the cut.

Unfortunately, the provisional data at the panel level (the data has not yet been weighted and projected) does not look good.

For digital i:

“Only 43% of those who started it within the first 4 weeks finished the show in the same time frame. We know that the 4-week or 28-day period has historically been important to Netflix when evaluating the success of a series. The fact that we haven’t heard of it yet might be good news, as they are waiting to see if the show reaches a higher completion rate in 2 or even 3 months.

Netflix completion rates for 2021 shows

Completion figures for Netflix shows in 2022

Data from FlixPatrol plots the top 10 raw for the show, suggesting that as of September 15th, it’s the 8th most watched TV show in 2022 till now.

Their data suggests that the show peaked between August 8 and 11 and showed a steady decline over the next few weeks.

The show eventually left Netflix’s Top 10 in the US on September 9, 2022.

flixpatrol data for the netflix sandman

FlixPatrol data for Netflix’s The Sandman

And the factors of external demand? Using statistics from Wikipedia, Google, Reddit, Twitter, Torrents and IMDb, TelevisionStats.com measures the popularity of the shows.

Their data indicates that the show was the number 1 show in the world for 10 days but, as of September 14, it had dropped to the 19th show in the world.

the sandman external data televisionstats.com

Application for The Sandman starting September 14, 2022

What to expect from The Sandman Season 2 on Netflix?

Warning: Spoiler for the comics I’m ahead!

Remember in episode four, when Morpheus is escorted by Lucifer and meets his old love, Nada, imprisoned in Hell? This side story only lasted a minute or so and wasn’t mentioned again in the first season. That said, this scene creates a story that will undoubtedly be covered in the second season. Tales in the sand is set in Africa, in a city ruled by a woman named Nada. She never found love. But when she briefly meets a stranger, she instantly falls in love with him, so much so that she can’t sleep. However, the next morning she finds out that the man is missing and she searches for him.

Eventually, Nada realizes that the man she wanted is Dream of the Endless, and he loves her too.

After seeing that Dream had fallen in love with a mortal, the sun burns the glass city of Nada to the ground. Nada, in his fault, kills herself and enters the realm of Death. There, she is greeted by Morpheus, who offers her to be her queen, but she denies it. As a result, she condemns her to hell for eternity.

Tales in the sand it’s a love story that ends in tragedy. And it’s not Dream’s first failed relationship. He is very, very bad in relationships.

the man of sand netflix

Image: Netflix

Potential plot of the second season of The Sandman: Season of the Mists

Fog season will undoubtedly be the biggest story arc of the second season.

One of the most popular storylines in the entire comic series begins with an endless family reunion.

This will be the first time we will see the whole family together, with the exception of Destruction, but this is a completely different story. Keep in mind that we’ve only met four of the infinite seven so far: Dream (Tom Sturridge), Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), Desire (Mason Alexander Park), and Despair (Donna Preston).

During the meeting, we once again see Desire plotting. They mock Morpheus for treating his ex-lover Nada, whom he sentenced to hell. Eventually, he gives up and goes to Hell to free her of her. However, when he arrives in hell, he discovers that the kingdom is empty.

It turns out that Lucifer got tired and left Hell, passing the Key to Hell and, therefore, his responsibility to Dream. Of course, Morpheus has his own realm to rule over; he can’t rule hell. As a result, in The Dreaming, he is welcomed by various immortal beings, each vying to become the next Ruler of Hell.

Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer The Sandman

Image: Netflix

Potential plot of the second season of The Sandman: A Game of You

Fog season performed by A game of you.

Since season one covered two volumes, it seems natural that season two did the same. If so, we’ll see A game of you adapt. This volume continues the story of Barbie, a tenant of Hal’s residence in the first season. In her show, we see her living as a princess in her fantastical realm of hers, known as The Land: who feels inspired by Jim Henson’s film. Labyrinth. In The doll’s house, we see her along with her wise companion, a dog-like creature called Martin Tenbones. This volume contains a little bit of everything from talking animals to a severed head that talks. What’s not to love?

Would you like to see season 2 of The man of sand on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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