The Emily in Paris star compares the new film role to Netflix’s success

Emilia in Paris star Lucas Bravo has talked about his role in a new romantic comedy Ticket to heavensaying it is “different” from what we are used to seeing.

Best known for playing Gabriel’s love interest in the Netflix show, Bravo plays Paul in George Clooney and Julia Roberts’ new film and joked in an exclusive interview with Digital spy which brought its usual “softness” into the film.

“Yes, I brought its softness [Emily in Paris] in Australia to make it even softer, “he said.

Emily in the second season of Paris


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However, the star went on to explain, “I think he’s a different character from the show. There’s something a little boy next door to the show and that’s more of an innocent and naive human being who just wants love and wants to. be validated by someone else.

“So it’s all about the trauma of being accepted, and he doesn’t know that yet. He doesn’t know he needs to be alone and figure things out, so he projects all his insecurities onto Georgia. [played by Roberts]which is fun to play. Insecurities are always fun to play. “

Speaking further about getting the role, Bravo revealed he had to do a standard audition, admitting it was the “hardest part” of the process for him.

“I don’t think the hard part is saying yes. I think the hard part is getting the part by auditioning. We still have to audition,” he said.

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Co-star Billie Lourd joked, “Lucas Bravo still auditions,” while Bravo added, “I don’t want people to think you do a project and then the world opens up like the sea in Moses.”

Ticket to heaven opens in UK theaters on September 20 and in US theaters on October 21.

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