Netflix K-Drama “A Time Called You” Season 1: the filming and what we know so far

netflix k drama once called you season 1 what we know so far

2023 will be another strong year for K-Dramas on Netflix, and one such drama we’re incredibly excited about is He once called youthe Korean adaptation of the Taiwanese drama One day or one day. Coming to Netflix in 2023, here’s everything we know so far He once called you.

He once called you is a Netflix Original South Korean drama series released and adapted from the Taiwanese drama One day or one day. Directing the drama is Kim Jin Won, who previously directed shows such as My country: the new era And Only between lovers.

When is the Netflix release date He once called you?

Netflix has yet to announce a release date for He once called youhowever, the K-Drama is expected to be released in 2023.

What is the plot He once called you?

The plot of He once called you was taken from Mydramalist:

Han Jun Hee’s boyfriend Ko Yeon Jun died a year ago. She hasn’t gotten over her death yet and she misses him a lot. One day, she somehow she travels back in time to the year 1998 and finds herself as a high school student Kwon Min Joo. There she meets high school student Nam Si Heon. She is surprised to see how much Nam Si Heon looks like her late boyfriend Ko Yeon Jun.

Whose cast members are He once called you?

Jeon Yeo Been is becoming an increasingly familiar face on Netflix having already starred in four Netflix Originals. The actress had a guest role in Inhabit but has since starred in leading roles in all of his films and series for Netflix. So far Jeon Yeo Bin has starred in the film Night in paradiseand the series Be melodramatic, Vincenzo and will be seen in once again Glitch. In He once called youJeon Yeo Been plays the roles of Han Jun Hee and Kwon Min Joo.

netflix k drama once called you season 1 jeon yeo state

Image. Jeon Yeo State

Ahn Hyo Seop has already starred in two Netflix original series, A commercial proposal, And Abyss. Like his fellow castmate, Ahn Hyo Seop takes on two roles in He once called youKo Yeun Jun and Nam Si Heon.

netflix k drama once called you season 1 ahn hyo seop

Image. Ahn Hyo Seop

Kang Hoon has starred in three Netflix Original series so far, but only in guest and support roles, which makes He once called you the actor’s first lead role on Netflix. Kang Hoon was seen in You are my spring, Twenty Five Twenty One And Little Women.

netflix k drama once called you season 1 kang hoon

In the picture. Kang Hoon

Lee Min Goo was cast for an unnamed role, but some fans may recognize the actor as Lee Jin Soo in Netflix’s horror series. We are all dead. He will also appear in a supporting role in the original series Glitch.

netflix k drama a time called you season 1 lee min goo

In the picture. Lee Min Goo

What is the production status of He once called you?

Official Production Status: Shooting (Last Updated: 09/14/2022)

The shooting was in progress for He once called you from April 2022. It’s unclear when filming is scheduled to end, but we expect it to finish soon.

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netflix k drama once called you filming the first season

What is the episode count He once called you?

We have confirmation that the first season of He once called you has a total of 12 episodes.

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