Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Trailer: Stephen King’s new Netflix movie looks like a creepy thrill

So far Netflix has an impressive track record with Stephen King’s adaptations. In 2017, the streaming service premiered Mike Flanagan’s Gerald’s game (one of the best King films of all time), followed by Vincenzo Natali’s In the tall grass in 2019. Now hopefully the legacy will expand further with the release of John Lee Hancock’s Mr. Harrigan’s phone – which just launched its debut trailer online.

Written and directed by Hancock, Mr. Harrigan’s phone is based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, published in the 2020 collection If it bleeds (it’s the first story in that book to have an adaptation). The first images of the film arrived in late August, the day after the release date was announced, and now this preview provides our first look at the film’s filming.

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