Morbius 2 is more likely now (thanks to Netflix)

Key release dates

The surprising success of Morbio on Netflix has reopened the possibility of a follow-up derided by Sony’s critics Spiderman spin off. The film came out on Netflix without any previous fanfare and quickly climbed the top 10 of the streaming service. While many of these views may be guided by the infamous “Morbin ‘Time” meme, the staggering numbers may be enough to convince Sony to give Jared Leto’s anti-hero another chance.


Upon release, Morbio it was badly received by critics and commercially, with a gross opening weekend of just $ 39 million, which wasn’t a total disaster given the film’s $ 75 million budget. However, the numbers are slim compared to another Spider-Man villain movie, Poison, which recouped most of its $ 100 million budget with a gross opening weekend of $ 80.2 million. Even worse, Morbio flopped for the second time, when the virality of the “It’s Morbin ‘Time” meme convinced Sony to re-release the film, grossing an incredibly disappointing $ 300,000 that weekend. With Morbio now the second most watched movie on Netflix, it’s entirely possible that a resurgence of interest may see Sony finally give the green light to Morbio Continuation.

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Unlike Poisonwho clearly created a sequel in Woody Harrelson’s mid-credits revelation as Cletus Kasady aka Carnage, Morbio instead it introduced Michael Keaton’s Vulture into the adjacent universe of Sony’s Spider-Man. The scene between Jared Leto and Michael Keaton seems to set Sony’s Sinister Six film, rather than Morbio 2. You are sinister it is still clearly moving forward, with that of Aaron Taylor-Johnson Kraven the hunter scheduled for release in 2023. There are also plans for a Madame Web film, another Poison sequel and a spin-off film with superhero wrestler El Muerto, but there are no current plans for Morbio 2. It could be that Sony is waiting to see how these other adjacent Spider-Man movies perform at the box office before committing to others. Morbio. The potential new audience introduced to the first movie via Netflix in this intervening period may now be enough to improve Morbio 2potential at the box office and secure the green light to study.

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Everything we know about a Morbius sequel

What is known about Morbio 2 is that it is currently not on Sony’s upcoming arrivals list Spiderman adjacent films between now and June 2024. The final scenes of Morbio suggest that a sequel could find Martine Bancroft (Adria Arjona) grappling with her new vampire physiology, becoming Michael’s friend or foe. It would probably also be based on Adrian Toomes’ mid-credits introduction to Michael Morbius, as they decide to “do good.

Jared Harris and Matt Smith as Dr. Nicholas and Milo will likely not return for the sequel, having been killed off in the initial film. As a mentor of sorts, Jared Harris’ character could conceivably return in flashbacks, but he’s unlikely to play a substantial role in Morbio 2. It is very likely that Jared Leto’s Michael Morbius would be returning for a sequel, as Sony would not have contracted him for a single film, despite the poor performance. For example, Tyrese Gibson, who played Simon Stroud, shared on Instagram that he signed a deal for three films, so it’s very likely Leto signed something similar. Simon Stroud was a regular in the Morbio comics, so it makes sense that the character will be featured in future movies.

Without a sequel announced by Sony, potential plot points and casting are all there is to it Morbio 2. It is also unclear how poor reception is Morbio it will affect Sony’s plans for their big screen Sinister Six, which currently bears no resemblance to that of the comics. At this point, he appears to be more like a version of the Spider-Man villain The suicide squad than the deadly team of comic book supervillains. Whatever form it takes, it means audiences are likely to get to see Michael Morbius at least one more time, albeit not in a live broadcast. Morbio Continuation.

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How Netflix Could Lead to the Advent of Morbius 2

Between 5 and 11 September, Morbio it was streamed on Netflix 6,971,428 times, with a total viewing of 12,200,000 hours which earned it one of the top 5 spots. With an average cinema ticket costing $ 9.57, the number of streams translates into a gross of $ 66,716,565.96, a significant improvement over Morbio‘original gross opening weekend of $ 39 million. Sony may be lured by these promising numbers, but should pay attention to the lessons of the “It’s Morbin ‘Time” debacle. Relaunch Morbio based on an online meme was a disaster for Sony and exemplified how studios don’t understand Internet subcultures well. Jokes on Twitter and a funny video of Jared Leto on Instagram don’t guarantee big box office numbers. Arguably, the “It’s Morbin ‘Time” meme took on such a life that seeing the full movie would probably ruin the joke for people.

Morbin ‘Time is likely driving a lot of the views on Netflix, which explains the disparity between streams and watch hours. With a duration of 104 minutes, the nearly 7 million streams equate to 12,083,808 hours, just below the total view figure provided by Netflix. The extra hours are likely made up of people revisiting key scenes for the purpose of creating meme-worthy images. It would therefore be dangerous for Sony to base a Morbio followed only on these Netflix figures. However, if the movie is gaining a “so bad, it’s good” reputation thanks to its new life on Netflix, then this cult status may just be enough to boost box office receipts Morbio 2 and make the sequel directed by Jared Leto a real possibility.

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