Everyone is excited about this new Netflix science fiction series

Given the volume of content Netflix churns out on a regular basis, it’s next to impossible for the average subscriber to be aware in real time of every single new title the streamer throws at us. Heck, the same goes for those of us who cover and write about the streamer regularly. For me, the latest example of this is the case a newly released series called The imperfect which just hit Netflix late last week.

Suddenly, there it is, running around the top 10 lists within the app over the past few days. And then, before I even had time to catch up with him to investigate the subject of the show, boom: for the week of September 5 to September 11, so many Netflix subscribers checked out the series that The imperfect now it is also series # 3 in the world on the streamer.

Plus, almost everyone who has taken a look at this science fiction gem from Canada seems to be saying the same thing: it’s a must watch.

The imperfect Netflix series

As for the show, here’s how Netflix describes it The imperfect. “Three strangers – deplorable leftovers from failed scientific experiments – come together to find the mad scientist who conducted those experiments and turned them into something that is no longer quite human.”

The first season of 10 episodes, at the moment, boasts an audience rating of 78%. Rotten tomatoes. “Someone who watches The imperfect on Netflix, ” asked a Twitter user. “I’m enjoying this show immensely.” Added another: “Currently I tell everyone I know to watch The imperfect because I NEED a second season. And yet anotherperhaps alluding to a cancellation of Netflix like that of First kill after only one season:

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“Netflix is ​​better not to cancel The imperfect. “

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For the week from 5 to 11 September, meanwhile, The imperfect was the show in English no. 3 in the world on Netflix. It garnered just over 24 million watched hours, across Netflix’s entire global subscriber base. At the moment, it is also a The 10 best Netflix TV series in 42 countries.

Check out more images below from the new series, which you can now stream on Netflix right here.

the imperfect netflix
Morgan Taylor Campbell as Tilda Weber in episode 101 of the Netflix series “The Imperfects”. Image source: Dan Power / Netflix
the imperfect netflix
Rhianna Jagpal as Abby Singh in episode 107 of “The Imperfects”. Image source: Dan Power / Netflix
the imperfect netflix
(Left to right) Rhianna Jagpal as Abby Singh, Morgan Taylor Campbell as Tilda Weber and Iñaki Godoy as Juan Ruiz in episode 106 of “The Imperfects”. Image source: Dan Power / Netflix

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