Death of Queen Elizabeth II sent Netflix subscribers streaming to “The Crown”

By Aarthi Swaminathan and Emily Bary

The first season of “The Crown”, premiered in 2016, was among Netflix’s 10 most viewed English-language programs last week.

As the UK prepares for a huge crowd ahead of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, many people have chosen to honor her by looking at her life story back home.

The first season of Netflix Inc.’s (NFLX) “The Crown,” which premiered in November 2016, entered the streaming company’s list of most viewed programs for the week ending Sunday, between global interest in real programming.

The first season of “The Crown” ranked seventh among English-language TV shows on Netflix in terms of watch hours, according to metrics posted by the streaming company at the end of Tuesday.

“The Crown” held a top 10 spot in the UK and 17 other European countries, according to Netflix stats. It also ranked in the top 10 in Hong Kong and seven markets in the Americas, although not in the United States

Interest in “The Crown,” Netflix Inc.’s scripted tale of the queen’s reign, began to grow as soon as her death was announced, before taking off further in the following days, according to third-party data from Parrot Analytics. .

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Parrot seeks to quantify program “demand”, a metric it defines as a measure beyond the audience that takes into account data points such as video consumption and social media activity in looking for how much buzz a show generates.

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Global “demand” for “The Crown” was 22.8 times higher than the average September 7 show, according to data from Parrot, the day before his death.

Demand has increased 78.5% overnight since that point. By September 8, “The Crown” was among the richest 0.2% of shows globally.

Since then, interest in “The Crown” has continued to grow from there, with demand equaling 58.6 times that of an average show on September 9, compared to 40.7 times on September 8.

The show was the 10th most requested show across all platforms on September 9, according to data from Parrot.

The peak was particularly pronounced in the UK

In the UK, “The Crown” became the fifth most requested program since 9 September, compared to the 94th on 7 September. Demand for “The Crown” increased 164% from 7 September to 10 September.

“The Crown” is a historical Netflix drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. It was created and written by Peter Morgan. The series has won numerous accolades, from Emmy Awards to Golden Globes.

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Deadline reported last week that Netflix has suspended filming for upcoming episodes due to the queen’s death and updated its piece to say the company would issue another suspension on the day of her funeral, which is scheduled for the 19th. September.

That report also noted that Netflix “had plans for some time” on how the company would handle the queen’s death if it happened while the show was still running.

“The Crown” isn’t the only program that shuts down some of its operations out of respect for royalty: The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that Meghan Markle’s “Archetypes” podcast would hold back from releasing new episodes during her mourning period. Queen.

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