When will No Limit 2 arrive on Netflix?

At the beginning of September, Netflix released a new movie titled Without limits. This is a French romantic film full of drama and sports.

If you are wondering if you should watch the movie, hopefully this guide will fill you with what you need to know about the movie.

When it was Without limits Released by Netflix?

Without limits was released by Netflix on September 9, 2022. It is a film written and directed by David M. Rosenthal. The original French title of the film is Sous Emprise. As mentioned, it is a sports film about the beauty of freediving.

IS Without limits Based on a true story?

Without limits is loosely based on the tragic death of a promising freediver, Audrey Mestre. And it is for this reason that a Without limits 2 this is unlikely to happen. The creators of the film claim that it is a work of fiction and does not completely represent reality. However, there are similar things between the film and what actually happened when Mestre died.

To begin with, Mestre’s husband, Francisco Ferreras, was accused of his death. This is because he was in charge of the Mestre air tank lifting bag. Unfortunately, it malfunctioned and resulted in Mestre’s death. Ferreras, however, kept her innocence.

The organization responsible for the event was underfunded, which prevented full compliance with freediving safety standards. While there were a couple of safety divers, there was no doctor present at the event. When Mestre was brought ashore, she still had her wrist and could have been saved. Unfortunately, there was no medical team available to carry out the necessary relief.

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The first film ended tragically, as it did in real life. But in the event that Netflix decides to renew a sequel due to the success of the film, it is possible that a sequel could be released by the end of 2023.

As of this writing, however, there is very little chance of a sequel happening.

Things Without limits History of?

The official synopsis on Netflix reads:

“An extraordinarily talented young woman finds deep and destructive love with her record breaking freediving instructor in this visually captivating romantic drama.”

As mentioned, Without limits it is loosely based on the life of Audrey Mestre. In the film, Mestre is portrayed as Roxana (played by Camille Rowe), who left his life in Paris to devote himself to freediving in the south of France. There she meets and falls in love with world champion freediver Pascal Gauthier (played by Sofiane Zermani) who is also his teacher.

Throughout the film’s story, the two discover the beauty of freediving and new things about themselves. Despite the deep passion in their romance, the two share a toxic relationship. The two compete in dangerous sport, where Pascal’s competitive side is revealed. Not to mention that Pascal begins to control Roxana.

To make matters worse, Roxana discovers that Pascal has betrayed her. Instead of running away from the relationship, Roxana is guilty of staying until things turn tragic.

Without limits Launch

The full list of actors and actresses involved in this film includes the following:

  • Sofiane Zermani (as Pascal Gautier)
  • Camille Rowe (as Roxana Aubrey)
  • Cesare Domboy (like Tom)
  • Zaccaria Chasseriaud (as Sacha)
  • Laurent Fernandez (like Stefano)
  • Jonah Dinal (as a gendarme)
  • Natalie Mitson (like Noemi)
  • Alexandre Poole (as Joseph Archer)
  • Antonin Schopfer (as Alain)
  • Gregorio Gaule (like Fabrice)
  • Belen Enguidanos (Anna’s voice)
  • Hassam Ghancy (as Le Dottore)
  • Laurence Porteil (like the publicist)
  • Mattia Minne
  • Johakim Mejri (like Jacques)
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There’s a Without limits Online trailer?

Warning, the trailer contains a hot and steamy romance throughout the clip. This is indicative of how Without limits it’s like a movie. If you are interested, you can watch the trailer here:

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