Season 2 of “The Imperfects”: Netflix renewal status and what to expect

netflix of the imperfects season 2 renewal status

The Imperfects – Image: Netflix

Netflix’s latest supernatural series for coming of age is now streaming and if you’re wondering what might happen in season two, how well the show is performing or if Netflix has yet to revamp it, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what we know The imperfect season 2.

Created by Shelley Eriksen and Dennis Heaton, The Imperfets sees three teenagers undergo an experiment that gives them monstrous side effects. The trio join forces to find the responsible scientist and a cure.

The series comes from the same production company that has produced a myriad of titles for Netflix, including The I-Land, The order (canceled after 2 seasons) e Wu Assassins.

Netflix has been revamped The imperfect for season 2?

Netflix Official Renewal Status: Not yet renewed / Pending
Our renewal forecast: 50/50

Netflix hasn’t decided the future of The Imperfects yet, but its initial numbers indicate it may be difficult for the show to renew itself.

As we’ve discussed, Netflix will use multiple factors in deciding whether to renew, and a major number for a show of this size will be how many people finish the series.

On the reviews side, it’s a mixed bag. There aren’t enough reviews to justify a critical review by Metacritic or RottenTomatoes. On audience scores, he has a 79% on RottenTomatoes and only one 6.1 / 10 on IMDb at 1.5K reviews


If the show is canceled, which many already fear it may be, marketing for the show will no doubt be in the crosshairs.

Marketing for The imperfect it was arguably one of the worst of any new debut show in 2022.

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We had our first big reveal at Geeked Week, but we’ve only received a slew of new information for the release date since. What’s worse is that the announcement of the trailer and release date took place just over a week before the show’s debut and popped up on most stores’ September 2022 schedule (not ours, though! ).

the imperfect what to expect from season 2

Image: Netflix

How good it is The imperfect performing on Netflix?

Netflix’s top 10 hourly data can allow us to monitor the show. In its first week on the platform, it was the third biggest English title behind Cobra Kai season 5 and Devil in Ohio.

Weekly period Displayed hours (M) Rank Week in the Top 10
From 4 September 2022 to 11 September 2022 24,070,000 3 1

Using CVE metrics, which put hourly figures on an equal playing field thanks to the breakdown of hours watched by program length, we can compare how the show went with other titles.

In our top 10 report for the week ending 9/11, a What’s on Netflix contributor said:

“The numbers of the first four days confirm this and are not good, with only 3.4 million CVE.

That’s a third of what the series canceled Resident Evil done, so unless something miraculous happens, The imperfect will be canceled “.

the debut of the imperfect against the resident evil continues to breathe a wild beauty

The Imperfects vs Resident Evil, Keep Breathing and Savage Beauty

The first 10 raw digits collected from FlixPatrol reveals the show it got off to a very slow start but picked up during the first available weekend, but may have already peaked. The show performed better in Central European regions, including France and Germany.

flixpatrol data for the imperfect

FlixPatrol data for The Imperfects

How much is the series in demand? External demand tracker suggests the show peaked as the 21st most popular show in the world on September 12 and has declined significantly since then.

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What to expect from The Imperfects Season 2

If the series is renewed? Where can we expect history to go on?

Throughout the series, we’ve seen the trio of friends desperately try to find a cure. Eventually they encounter one and while Tilda chooses not to take it, the other two are disappointed with the results.

Juan and Abbi discover that the cure is not as permanent as they would have liked and therefore find themselves facing a brick wall, especially as Dr. Burke no longer appears to be an ally.

One of the biggest problems facing the trio (and the rest of the world) is that the virus has spread throughout the city causing unknown chaos and damage.

The imperfects story season 2 netflix

Image: Netflix

Before leaving you, we must note that Iñaki Godoy, one of the main stars of The imperfectwill return to Netflix in 2023 with the release of A piece live-action adaptation.

Nomadic Pictures is also teaming up with Netflix on the upcoming adaptation of My life with the Walter Boys.

Want to see a second season of The imperfect on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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