Queen Latifah’s Netflix movie hits the Top 10 in 80 countries

It is said that the most important building in Hollywood is no longer a billboard on Sunset Boulevard. Now, that prominence is unquestionably found on some sort of digital billboard, particularly on the Netflix home screen. Here’s where, for example, Queen Latifah can release a new Netflix movie like it End of the street with little fanfare. And then, just five days later, it is already in the top 10 films in 80 countries around the world.

A tile for End of the street in the content carousel at the top of the Netflix app probably wasn’t the only reason millions of subscribers hit play after the movie’s release on September 9. However, in a streaming world of nearly limitless abundance? Sometimes a slight nudge like that of Netflix is ​​the thing that makes all the difference for a new release.

End of the street Netflix movies

Based on Netflix Global The first 10 figurescovering the 7-day period ending 11 September, End of the street managed to beat all other English language films on Netflix by becoming the No. 1 in the world on the streamer right now.

netflix at the end of the road
Queen Latifah as Brenda in the Netflix movie “End of the Road”. Image source: Netflix

The film, also starring Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Beau Bridges, Mychala Faith Lee, Shaun Dixon and Frances Lee McCain, obtained 30.2 million hours of viewing. That meant End of the street just released the new rom-com Love in the Villa, set in Italy. This week it recorded 29.5 million viewing hours.

What is it about: “In this gripping action thriller,” explains the streamer summing up the film, “a journey across the country becomes a highway to hell for Brenda (Queen Latifah), her two children and her brother Reggie (Chris Ponti ‘Ludacris’) After witnessing a brutal murder, the family find themselves in the crosshairs of a mysterious killer.

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“Now alone in the New Mexico desert and cut off from any help, Brenda is embroiled in a deadly struggle to keep her family alive.”

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The 10 best Netflix movies

Continuing a trend with many of Netflix’s best releases lately, by the way, End of the street it garnered pretty terrible ratings from critics and viewers. ON Rotten tomatoes

, for example, the film currently has an abysmal critical rating of 29%, based on 21 reviews. The film has an even worse audience score of 17%, based on over 250 user ratings at the moment.

In the meantime, here’s the full list of Netflix’s 10 best English-language movies right now (September 5-11):

  1. End of the street – 30.2 million hours viewed
  2. Love in the Villa – 29.5 million hours viewed
  3. I passed – 26.8 million hours viewed
  4. I time – 20.6 million hours viewed
  5. Morbio – 12.2 million hours viewed
  6. White women – 9.2 million hours viewed
  7. despicable Me 2 – 7.5 million hours viewed
  8. Hanna – 7.1 million hours viewed
  9. Triple 9 – 6.5 million hours viewed
  10. Workers Day – 6.5 million hours viewed

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