Netflix’s sex education sister show conducts with a respect for diversity

The Australian reboot of High heartbreak landed on Netflix on September 14, 2022, with its 8 episodes featuring a diverse cast in the first season. Versatile actors like Ayesha Madon, James Majoos, Chloe Hayden, Asher Yasbincek, Thomas Weatherall and others have taken the lead and distributed a modern heartbreak subversive story at Hartley High.

In the 1990s and 2000s, series about coming of age for high school kids weren’t always a huge success, considering the different stereotypical arches that shaped them. Show how A tree hill, The OC, Dawson Creek, and others have begun to change the scene with the delicacy with which they have dealt with the problems surrounding teenagers. Eventually all of them morphed into mainstream giants over time, but there was still a shortage of good teen series in the non-American television industry.

In such a scenario, while it seems like a twist to hear a unique Australian voice, or in this case be heard, through restarting High heartbreak, it just doesn’t look like something unique blocked the landing. Netflix itself owns the copyrights of several programs belonging to the same party. However, you still get sucked into the many comparisons that are drawn to us as they share similarities with HBO Euphoria and Netflix Sex education And Thirteen reasons, too, in some places. Mooredale High feels a little closer to what High heartbreak that’s all, and yet, he manages to have a heart of his own to some extent.

Netflix’s official synopsis reads:

Best friends Amerie and Harper meticulously mapped out Hartley High’s wild scene until everyone discovers their secret project.

-High Heartbreak review contains No Spoiler-

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The first episode itself goes in pursuit instantly and reveals the trigger for many accidents to follow such as the “Incest Map” drawn by best friends Amerie and Harper in the dilapidated old staircase that no one visits is on display. It messes up a lot of friendships, ‘breaks people’ and ‘out’ some too. This ultimately requires a meeting with the school’s “woken up” principal, who is already facing a lot of pressure in terms of putting school funding at risk.

A series of “sexual literacy (SLT) drills” is called into session, but it is obviously seen as a “sexual prison” by teenagers who have been asked to stay for these classes. Remember to Breakfast club bringing people together across cliques in one room, this becomes Hartley High’s Sex-Ed Breakfast Club. All this time, a mystery also builds up why something is definitely going on with Harper, but she chooses to exclude her Amerie from her life, which poses a big question mark about their “perfect” friendship to the end.

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High heartbreak

The show addresses various serious issues of the moment, such as the very outdated and heteronormative standards that the school imposes on children, as also recognized by their English teacher and now SLT. The linguistics surrounding the fluidity of the genre is constantly questioned.

It describes how people take it so lightly, but the long-reigning heteronormativity regime has also made it humanly difficult for families to adapt while being as supportive as possible, as illustrated in the case of Darren’s life. The overall tone of the show reflects a lot of what has been done and seen before, but these intricate nuances are the soul of the show and make up a whole that needs to be thought about.

Many snippets of basic feminist jargon are incorporated into the episode timeline, and it’s all done for good reason. Yes, it sports explicit nudity, but similar to Euphoria, Heartbreak High is also more prone to platonic friendship between the two main girls. Each episode provides an underlying residue of their feelings for each other and causes audiences to cheer them on to get them back together, which is why it also proves to have a lot more depth than any other romantic or sexual escapade they might throw themselves into.

High heartbreak

Heartbreak High review: is it worth watching?

While the similarities with the others remain, I would like to list the reasons why the show is a must see. I’m sure there will be plenty of new titles coming out soon that will address these issues again for a long time. Therefore, on the grand scale of things, High heartbreak it’s not original, but it has some saving qualities that weren’t worked out long before its release.

The diversity shown through the panel of actors in the show is not a simple blow to symbolism. It takes into account the varying degrees of differences in the characters ‘backgrounds in terms of financial situation, sexuality, and neurological and racial issues, but does not limit the characters’ personalities to this alone. The non-binary Darren and Quinni who suffer from autism are not defined only by these labels. They are embodied as real people who have these fragments as part of their life, but they don’t make up everything in their history.

High heartbreak

Looking inside, the trailer makes it seem like the archetypal depiction of the character generates stereotypes, but it doesn’t. Characters are presented as real people with layered personalities. So, it’s fair to say that you shouldn’t judge the whole show by the look of the trailer alone. Yes, its foundations are built within the same universe as Sex educationbut even if it may not seem like it, sex is only one of the problems in their life that creates complications.

The only big problem I have with the shows like High heartbreak is that, despite the start of many discussions and wholesome representations, most of them remain locked away in their “Adult” assessment due to the repetitive representation of the sexual act itself. Old habits die hard and it is imperative that the bad spoken word cycle relating to sexual and gender diction be stopped early.

For this to happen, such shows must open up their target demographic to the younger audience as well. However, the construction formula around these shows is different and raises the question of whether there will ever be a series that will touch the same issues to the same extent even for a group of non-adult viewers.

High heartbreak is now streaming Netflix. Let us know what you think of the show in the comments.

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