Netflix’s “Cyberpunk Edgerunners” is absolutely stunning

Yesterday, Netflix released another anime adaptation of video games, albeit this one with a lot of baggage attached. Would be Edgerunner cyberpunk, an anime set in the world of Cyberpunk 2077, the infamous CDPR game launched in a disastrous state and has since fixed itself. But despite everything, you could at least say that the world they built was interesting and engaging, and that’s what Edgerunners is exploring.

At Trigger, the first-rate anime studio, we have in our hands what can only be described as an unqualified success. Cyberpunk Edgerunners is a phenomenal series, harnessing the potential of CDPR’s Night City and going wild with it in a gory, sexy, strangely sad and gripping action series that I would recommend to anyone (uh, anyone over 18, of course. ).

The show is set in Night City and while it is not directly cross with the game, this is somewhat misleading to say. One of the reasons I enjoyed Cyberpunk Edgerunners so much was Why how closely related it is to the game. Not in terms of storylines or characters (although there are some cameos), but in all the small details. The jargon, the sound effects, the hacking and breach animations, even the places are literal points that you recognize as having brought your character during Cyberpunk 2077 itself. I really felt like my time with the show had been improved by the game, although you could probably also argue that the game could have been improved if you had watched the show first. Regardless, they pair extremely well together.

The story of Edgerunners follows David, a young boy who leaves Arasaka Academy and intertwines with the world of Cyberpunk, essentially low-level gang runners in the city, through a connection he establishes with a Netrunner (hacker) Lucy. He introduces him to his crew and his ability to resist the installation of a stolen upgrade makes him invaluable to the team. The upgrade is the Sandevistan, which sticks to your spine and basically stops time as you wander around to punch and shoot your enemies. Another thing you can literally buy, install, and use in Cyberpunk 2077 itself, as I did on my katana-wielding V in my first playthrough.

The undercurrent running through history is an addiction to power through the addition of more and more “chromium” to your body, more upgrades, more strength, more weapons and how, inevitably, it makes everyone lose their minds in “cyberpsychosis” . David thinks he’s different and we spend the show trying to figure out if that’s true.

The animation and character design here from Trigger are stunning and the writing by the CDPR team who wrote the series is also excellent. David, Lucy, Maine, Rebecca are all instant classic characters, like or more compelling like V, Judy, and Panam from the game itself. I definitely want to see more from this team in a second season, even if this is … complicated for reasons I can’t really get into unless you’ve finished season 1.

Everyone involved here, Netflix, CDPR, and Trigger, cleared it from the park with Edgerunners. It’s a beautiful and haunting take on Night City and the world created by the games, while also being a gripping, beautifully animated character drama. Regardless of whether you spent 100 hours in Cyberpunk 2077 or zero, I would recommend it, but you may feel anxious to visit Night City yourself, after doing so …

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