Jordan Belfort Thinks Bitcoin’s Value Will Grow: The Cryptonomist

The famous “Wolf of Wall Street”, Giordano Belfortbelieves that the value of Bitcoin will increase significantly over a 3-5 year period.

Regardless of what the macro trends may be, in a medium-long period of time, according to the great analyst, it is easy to predict that the value of Bitcoin will rise a lot especially because it is supported by a really solid base.

The movie The Wolf of Wall Street starring Di Caprio was inspired by Jordan Belfort, who has since become something of a guru even in the eyes of the masses, so he is often asked for investment advice hoping to pump his wallet with experience. and the talent of someone who has practically lived the markets all their life.

Despite a decidedly negative and complicated macro context that could significantly affect the markets for a long time (especially the stock market closely linked to Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrencies), making negative predictions about BTC in the long run is very far-fetched due to a series of factors that for those who have a minimal perception of how this world works can only reassure.

“With a 3-5 year horizon, I would be very surprised if you didn’t make any gains on Bitcoin, because the fundamentals are really strong. There are still no real institutional investors, for example, there are no pension funds for school teachers using it. to cover ourselves, we are not there yet ”.

The reasons that suggest a rosy outlook for BitcoinThe future and positioning it as a winning horse to bet on in the medium and long term are manifold.

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Jordan Belfort’s predictions for the future of Bitcoin

First, Satoshi’s creation has a finite number of units, 21 million is the total BTC that could ever exist, and since it is not part of the system to print “currency” as, for example, the Federal Reserve or other central banks can do, once distributed among people the only variable beyond demand is the investor base.

Bitcoin’s protocol is based on the Proof of Work system, and unlike ETH which is going through the process of adopting Proof of Stake, essentially making it much greener and faster, Bitcoin is still rooted in the world of mining.

There are nearly 8 billion of us in the world and the 21 million BTC, which has almost all been mined, is split between a number of people. By increasing the demand and therefore presumably also the base of interested parties who will buy BTC, this process will also increase the value of the currency over time.

Another point in favor of the currency is the halving, when 210,000 blocks are mined, the validation reward is halved through the Bitcoin halving, the Bitcoin issuance rate increases and the asset becomes scarcer, fighting inflation.

Historically, it has always been the case that with the approach of this event, cyclically every 4 years or so, the value of digital gold has always recorded strong growth.

Last but not least, the Crypto world’s hold on the masses will play a decisive role. While in the early years BTC and other digital currencies were always looked upon with suspicion and detachment now, with the passing of the years and also thanks to the dissemination work done every day by enthusiasts, despite some setbacks such as the Moon issue or others, people are starting to understand the potential in practical terms and also as an investment.

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Bitcoin does not yet have the real institutional investments, that is, the bets with significant sums also for the budget of a state, which would instill confidence in all fans of this world. In practice, there is still a long way to go and a lot more to do in terms of investment and coverage.

The “Belfort line”

The “Belfort line” is very simple, in a time span of 3-5 yearsBitcoin historically always exceeds its value by a given time and this is in no way conceivable that it does not continue to happen, after all the prediction of the Wolf of Wall Street was not very difficult to imagine and does not shed new light, but the fact that he himself said that it is important to give investors peace of mind.

We are often faced with the likes of Kiyosaki or Belfort himself exploiting BTC and co. to improve their business, but in this case, given the popularity of the good analyst, there are no hidden ulterior motives.

The “Wolf” loves to win easy and it is reasonable to think that this time too he will be able to hit the forecast in anticipation of the next bull market which will be a panacea not only for Crypto but also for the various ETFs linked to this world.

Compared to ten days ago, Bitcoin has recovered a lot and its prices today bode well for the future, at the time of writing it is still at $ 20,000 after a week that saw it hit $ 22,000.

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A big influence until the end of September comes from Merge event.

Merger hits ETH (second-capitalized currency) moving it from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake, capturing investor attention, and if all goes as planned, it could pretend to be a driving force for the entire cryptocurrency world and therefore also to Bitcoin, acting as an injection of seriousness in the reference market.

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