Cooke lenses used on Netflix’s “End of the Road”

LEICESTER, United Kingdom—Cooke Optics announced that its lenses have been used in the Netflix thriller “End of the Road,” which recently bowed to the streaming service, and that a set of its Special Flair lenses have “dominated” screen time during the Netflix movie.

“I used Cooke lenses a lot,” said cinematographer Ed Wu. “The S4, S5, S7, pretty much all the spherical and anamorphic ones, so I didn’t need to test to figure out which lens I wanted. With Cooke’s anamorphics I knew what I would get, plus I have a good encyclopedic knowledge of anamorphics in my head. For End of the Road, Cooke’s anamorphic S35 completely met Millicent’s [director Millicent Shelton] shooting style, which required different focal lengths, and the S35s have all the prime lenses we need … without compromise. “

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