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You recently finished filming its fourth season, which will be available on Netflix. But when will Netflix release the new season of You? Here’s our full preview, where we’ll keep track of everything about You season 4. Greg Berlanti’s Netflix original romantic drama series You is based on Sera Gamble’s books You and Hidden Bodies. Before being picked up by Netflix as an original, the series first aired on Lifetime. The show’s popularity skyrocketed after its appearance on Netflix, and over 54 million families around the world watched it. Joe moves in every season of You. From New York to Los Angeles, to Mother Linda and finally to Paris, France, the deeply nervous romantic serial killer has traveled.

The renewal of the fourth season of You was announced by Netflix 48 hours before the release of the third season, which was a surprising move on their part.
You wouldn’t always be renewed for a fourth season because it was one of the most viewed originals in Netflix’s library. To avoid ruining what was in store for Joe in Season 3, we anticipated that the announcement would come after the third episode airs.

What can we expect from the fourth season of You?

Joe changed his identity once again and is now known as Nick. Joe had to change his identity because his name, Joe Goldberg-Quinn, is now famous in the United States because Joe successfully blocked all of Mother Linda’s murders on Love. Joe’s search for Marianne has begun now that she is in Paris. If Marianne is really in Paris, Joe, an expert stalker, will no doubt find her sooner or later.

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Joe was unconscious when Marianne approached the house and was confronted by Love. And even though Love originally intended to kill Marianne, Juliette, her daughter, managed to change Love’s mind. The fact that Love managed to persuade Marianne of Joe’s misdeeds despite feeling the need to kill Marianne and the fact that Marianne has never seen Joe lying unconscious on the dining room floor means that when the two meet, it will be Joe’s word against Love’s. Also, if Marianne pays attention to any of Madra Linda’s news that Joe was one of Love’s victims, she might even think Joe is dead.

Marianne is not an idiot. Aside from the fact that Joe won’t even have his son Henry, seeing him in the flesh when he should be dead will raise serious suspicions, and Joe will have to persuade Marianne that leaving his son was best for him.
Joe leaves a trail of deaths behind him wherever he goes, even if he didn’t necessarily kill them all. Given how many people have died because of Joe, it will eventually be reached.

However, if Joe somehow ends up in custody and the American authorities are contacted, it wouldn’t take long to put two and two together and realize that Joe faked his death and fled the country. The Parisian police will not look for a dead man. Once the link was established between all the murders, from Madra Linda in Los Angeles to his time in New York, they would easily have been able to identify him as a serial killer.

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Who is new and who is back in the cast of You Season 4?

At the moment, Penn Badgley is the only confirmed cast member who will return for the fourth season of You. Tati Gabrielle is expected to return next season as Marianne. It was revealed that Lukas Gage had joined the fourth season of the You cast in February 2022.
Adam, an American expat and the youngest son of a powerful East Coast tycoon, will be played by Gage. Entrepreneur and gambler Adam is a fun and friendly party host and close friend, but he also has many secrets to keep hidden, just like Joe. Lukas Gage is best known for his role as Tyler on the HBO series Euphoria, but you will soon be able to see him in Peacock’s Angelyne.

Nadia is described as “a major in literature with a love of genre storytelling and an aspiration to be a serious author” by Amy Leigh Hickman, best known for Ackley Bridge. Rhys will be played by Ed Speleers, who most recently appeared on Netflix’s Against the Ice and is also known for his roles in Outlander and Downton Abbey. “The author whose memoir got him acclaim and pressured to start a political career,” is how Rhys is characterized.
The remaining newcomers are as follows:

Alison Pargeter as Dawn
Ben Wiggins as Roald
Stephen Hagan as Malcolm
Adam James as Elliot
Eve Austin as Gemma
Niccy Lin as Sophia
Aidan Cheng in the role of Simone
Dario Coates as Connie
Ozioma Whenu as a Blessing
Brad Alexander as Edward
Jadesola Odunjo in the role of Victoria

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When will season 4 of You be available on Netflix?

We have learned that filming on the new series is expected to start in mid-March 2022 and run until July 2022 in February 2022. Also, according to our roster, most of the filming will take place in the UK.
Season 4 of You has yet to have a Netflix confirmed release date, year, or window. If we use a similar time frame, Season 4 of You will not be available on Netflix until at least February 2023. Season 3 took about six months after the filming end date to finally arrive on Netflix (it ended in April 2021 and arrived the following October).

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