The School For Good and Evil trailer shows the fantasy world of the Netflix movie

The new The school of good and evil The trailer has been released, introducing audiences to fairytale school and a story of troubled friendships. The Netflix fantasy sees Sofia Wylie and Sophia Anne Caruso as two best friends who are drawn into a fantasy world of good versus evil. The school of good and evil will be released on the streaming service on October 19, 2022.

Adapted from Soman Chainani’s 2013 fairytale fantasy novel, The school of good and evil follows the journey of Agatha (Wylie) and Sophie (Caruso) as they are taken to the titular institution, where children are taught to become the heroes and villains of fairy tales. After a mistake leads them to the “wrong” schools, the two girls’ friendship is put to the test as they discover their true desires. With a star-studded cast of Laurence Fishburne, Michelle Yeoh, Kerry Washington, Charlize Theron, Cate Blanchett and Ben Kingsley, The school of good and evil is a highly anticipated release for Netflix, and a new trailer has given audiences a better insight into Paul Feig’s fantasy adaptation.


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Uploaded to Netflixit’s official Youtube channel, the new trailer for The school of good and evil introduces the audience to Gavaldon’s fantastic realm as Agatha and Sophie are taken to school. In addition to the appearance of Theron, Washington and Fishburne respectively as teachers Lady Lesso, Professor Clarissa Dovey and the school teacher, the trailer also features hints of classic stories like Snow White and Cinderella. The friendship between Agatha and Sophie is also a focal point of the trailer, as their relationship is put to the test as Sophie begins to embrace her villain potential despite Agatha’s pleas to drop out of school. Watch the trailer below:

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With Blanchett chosen as the narrator, The school of good and evil promises to deliver a refreshing take on the fantastic fairytale stories viewers are familiar with. While the classic tales like Snow White, Cinderellaand the fable of King Arthur have been adapted many times, with Disney creating some of the most famous and beloved plays, Chainani’s series of novels aimed to return to the darker and more strained elements of the original stories from which the most famous film adaptations deviate. This can be seen with Agatha and Sophie’s travels, as not only does Agatha attempt to escape her fantastical fate, but the film promises to address and subvert the themes of fate when the pair are thrown into paths neither should follow. .

The school of good and evil is one of Netflix’s most promising releases of 2022, and with Chainani already praising Feig’s production of the film and handling of source material, the film could be the start of the next popular young adult fantasy franchise for a new generation. The trailer not only gives newcomers who may not be familiar with the series an introduction to the premise of the story, it also gives a good insight into the wonderful imagery of the fantasy world. With only a number of weeks ahead of its release, both new audiences and longtime fans of Chainani’s work won’t have to wait long to finally dive in. The school of good and evil for them.

Source: Netflix

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