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The Busan International Film Festival has unveiled a selection of nine series for its On Screen section, a program launched last year that highlights innovative series created by TV producers and streaming platforms.

This year’s selection, which has grown from three to nine titles, will include original series from Disney +, Netflix and TVING, the streaming service run by Korean entertainment giant CJ ENM, all of which will be screened as a world premiere or preview. asian.

of Netflix Someone (2022) is the first drama series from veteran Korean director Jung Ji-woo. A mystery thriller, it follows four women and a man whose lives are intertwined through a social media app. glitch, also a Netflix original comedy-thriller, it is the latest collaboration between Korean director Roh Deok, known for works such as Very ordinary pair (2013) and screenwriter Gin Han-sai, best known for the acclaimed series Extracurricular (2020). Glitch revolves around a woman looking for members of the UFO community to track down her missing boyfriend.

Indonesian director Kimo Stamboel’s Blood curse And Connect by Japanese director Miike Takashi will also screen in Busan, produced and distributed by Disney +. Connect is Miike’s first production with an all-Korean cast and is based on the Korean webtoon of the same title. Stamboel, who in 2016 was invited to Busan’s Midnight Passion section with his film Headshot, will return to Busan with his new series, which portrays a sudden curse that has fallen on a peaceful family.

over there, a highly anticipated TVing drama series, is the latest work by veteran Korean director Lee Joon-ik known for hits such as The king and the clown And Sunny. The film is Lee’s first science fiction series, which explores the themes of life, death, memory and happiness.

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Dealalso from TVing, is director Jeon Woo-sung’s adaptation of a Lee Chunghyun short film of the same title, about an earthquake that hits a city, leaving a small group of survivors trapped in a building.

Wave, another Korean streaming giant operated by local mobile operator SK Telecom, will bring Weak Hero Class 1, directed by You Su-min, in the Busan section of the series. The show is an adult action drama with an unpredictable plot, starring Han Jun-hee, the director of DP (2020), as its creative director.

The latest Korean series premiered, Farewell recipe (2022), directed by Lee Hojae, is a delicate human drama that tells the story of a husband who prepares special meals for his wife after she is diagnosed with cancer.

Finally, the section will exhibit the work of the great Danish author Lars von Trier The Exodus of the Kingdom (2022), the latest edition of his popular mid-1990s TV series, The kingdom (1994). Noted for its aesthetic rigor and occasional controversy, von Trier’s return will once again make a satire on social norms with a horror comedy saga set in a Copenhagen hospital.

“We are still struggling with the question ‘what is the definition of film'”, said Huh Moon-young, the director of the festival, at a press conference to launch the selection. ‚ÄúThis could be the central topic of the BIFF Forum, which will resume after three years this year. We think that the notion of cinema needs to be seen more broadly and, to that end, a new section called “On Screen” was launched last year.

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The 27th Busan festival will start on October 5th and end on October 14th.

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