Hunter Biden’s film is expected to be an “eight-part Netflix series”: Laurence Fox

Hunter Biden is expected to have his life portrayed in “an eight-part Netflix series” according to Laurence Fox, who plays the president’s son in a controversial new film.

My hunter sonstarring also the former Star Wars actress Gina Carano, was released on September 7.

The film, distributed by Breitbart News, deals with the corruption allegations against Joe and Hunter Biden, while also covering Hunter’s much-publicized battle with addiction.

The film ends in an alternate reality where Hunter Biden is arrested for the laptop story and Donald Trump wins reelection.

Talking with Newsweek, Laurence Fox, the 44-year-old British actor who plays Hunter, said the president’s son deserves more attention from the entertainment industry.

My hunter son
A screenshot of Laurence Fox’s Hunter Biden from the movie “My Son Hunter”. The film sheds direct light on Hunter Biden’s drug addiction and past abuse.
My hunter son

Asked if My hunter son would have a sequel, Mr. Fox said he was unaware of any plans, before adding, “I think there should be a lot of them: a series of Hunter movies. There’s enough stuff in there. It should have been an eight. – part of the Netflix series. “

Fox was a mainstream actor in the UK, best known for his role in the Oxford-based drama Lewis, before becoming politically active. In 2020 you launched the Reclaim Party to challenge “awake orthodoxy” and oppose the coronavirus blockades.

Explaining how he got involved My hunter son Fox commented: “Someone sent me the script and I read it and they said ‘do you want to do it? They will make a movie.’ And of course I’m interested in that area anyway.

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“I was amazed that someone hadn’t made a movie about this before. I was baffled that all this information was coming out about this handsome guy and Hollywood wouldn’t come close to that.”

To get a feel for Hunter Biden, Fox listened to the audio version of his 2021 memoir Beautiful things.

When asked what he personally thought of Hunter, the actor replied: “There are two ways of looking at it. One is that I’m an actor and so I can’t really judge the boy. You just have to play the humanity of the human being. .

“The other way of looking at it is my personal point of view and my personal point of view is that I think the whole family is corrupt.”

In 2014, Hunter Biden was discharged from the Navy after testing positive for cocaine, after which he said he “deeply regrets” his actions.

Just three weeks before the 2020 presidential election, the New York post published an article claiming a meeting between Joe Biden and one of his son’s Ukrainian business partners.

The story, which was suppressed by both Facebook and Twitter ahead of the 2020 presidential election, came from unverified material on a laptop left in a repair shop by a man named Hunter Biden.

An investigation of the Washington Post subsequently confirmed thousands of emails on the laptop were genuine

although many others cannot be authenticated due to data loss.

Joe Biden denied any wrongdoing and claimed the story was part of a “Russian disinformation” campaign.

Last month, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg admitted that reporting of the story was partially suppressed on his social media platform, following the FBI’s warnings of Russian interference.

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Asked by podcast host Joe Rogan if he regretted the story being suppressed, Zuckerberg replied, “It sucks.”

Fox argued that if Hunter Biden had been a Republican he would have been treated “like a true Satan”.

He said: “Anyone who has even the vaguest conservative view in America now, and increasingly in England, is almost becoming illegal to hold such a view.”

The actor added that the initial suppression of Hunter Biden’s story was an example of “elections of technology fraud.”

Both with Breitbart and with Ben Shapiro The daily thread working on original films, Fox was asked if we are witnessing a new era in conservative cinema.

He replied: “I think there is a new era for cinema, rather than the moral attitude that is what cinema has become. The entertainment world is obsessed with the signal of virtue, awakened, by the critical theory of race.

“The media has always been the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party and entertainment has increasingly become the film arm of the party. It is very communist. I think it’s great that a film has managed to pull it off.”

The White House, Hunter Biden, and Netflix have been contacted for comment.

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