Bitcoin maximalist Poilievre becomes leader of the Canadian Conservative Party; USDT integrated with the NEAR protocol


The biggest news in the cryptoverse for September 12 includes Bitcoin maximalist Pierre Poilievre elected as the new leader of the Canadian Conservative Party; The integration of Tether USDT with the NEAR protocol; and seven privacy tokens that have been removed from Huobi.

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Bitcoin maxi bull on the new leader of the Canadian Conservative Party

Bitcoin maximalist Pierre Poilievre has been elected as the new leader of the Canadian Conservative Party. Poilievre caught the spotlight in early 2022 and later perfected the image of him with a pro-crypto doctrine.

His friendly attitude towards Bitcoin helped him a lot in winning the election. It seems that he will take advantage of the Bitcoin card even more as he has declared that he will make Canada “the blockchain capital of the world” if he is elected prime minister.

Tether USDT is launched on NEAR as the protocol launches a $ 100 million Web3 fund

Tether has successfully integrated USDT into the NEAR protocol. With the new integration, NEAR became Tether’s 11th partner.

Tether said the new integration will bring greater stability to the NEAR ecosystem and reduce volatility.

At the same time, Tether has also signed a new $ 100 million partnership with Caerus Ventures to fund creators in the Web3 space. Caerus Ventures is an already active investment firm supporting creators in the blockchain space. Tether has decided to support Caerus with an additional $ 100 million to support more creators.

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Huobi removes seven privacy tokens, citing compliance policies

Huobi will remove Monero, Dash, Decred, Firo, Verge, ZCash, ZenCash starting September 12th.

The exchange said it is canceling these privacy tokens because they do not comply with the financial regulations of some regions.

South Korea sentences metaverse sexual abuser to 4 years in prison

An unnamed 30-year-old man was sentenced to 4 years in prison for sexually assaulting underage people in the metaverse.

Local news sources reported that the man met minors in a South Korean Metaverse and induced him to try to persuade them to send videos and images in exchange for virtual gifts.

The long awaited Hodlonaut trial against Craig Wright begins

The legal dispute between Australian computer scientist Craig Wright and Twitter influencer Hodlonaut, which began in 2019, is finally ready for a solution. The controversy arose when Hodlonaut called Wright a liar and a scam when he claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

The trial between the two sides began on September 12 to decide whether Hodlonaut’s tweets hurt Wright’s reputation.

Starbucks launches NFT loyalty program on Polygon

The Starbucks coffee chain has announced its NFT-based rewards program called “Starbucks Odyssey”.

The new loyalty program will run on Ethereum’s Layer-2 Polygon network and is expected to launch later this year. It will allow coffee lovers to earn and purchase NFTs, offering them exclusive rewards.

Pumping Parrots NFTs sees a 753% increase in sales volume with the pyramid scheme model

A new NFT collection, Pumping Parrots, is proposed as a pump-and-dump project.

The NFT line claims its usefulness for making money through pump-and-dump and claims that it offers the ability to make money fast before the Ethereum merger.

The unorthodox approach appears to have worked, as the project recorded around 467 sales and a 753% volume increase in the past 24 hours. Various projects have also appeared on the market that copy the Pumping Parrot strategy.

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Research highlighting

Research: use of Ethereum gas by stablecoin, DeFi, NFT and ERC -20 contracts

CryptoSlate’s analysis compared Ethereum’s gas usage for stablecoin, DeFi, NFT, and ERC-20 during the bear market to find that gas usage across all categories is down, with the exception of ERC-contracts. 20.

The current average gas price on Ethereum is $ 13.28, which is significantly low since May 1, when it was around $ 474.57. Although the gas prices of the first three categories have also decreased significantly, ERC-20 gas prices appear to have reached a low in June 2022.

ERC-20 gas prices (via Glassnode)

As the graph above also demonstrates, gas prices for ERC-20 transfers have followed an upward trend since June 2022.

MacroSlate Weekly: Bitcoin Faces First Global Recession With Currency Crash, Energy Crisis Becomes A Reality For Europe

This week’s MacroSlate macro overview shows that the UK economy is in jeopardy in part due to the pound’s 37-year lows and rising payments on index-linked gifts, while Europe is also struggling as a result of the latest ECB interest rate hike of 75bps.

On the other hand, nearly a quarter of all US companies are “zombie companies”. The term refers to companies that have interest rates close to zero and do not generate money to pay interest on their debts.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s correlation with the S&P 500 remains strong.

Centralization, sales and network stability: what worries Ethereum before the merger?

Nansen’s latest report assessed the risks to Ethereum after the merger and said that while most community concerns are unwarranted, the merger will not harm Ethereum’s core doctrine.

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The report showed that the PoS network could introduce some level of centralization into the ecosystem, there are no significant risks of sale or destabilization after the merger.

News from all over the cryptoverse

The Florida government has listed 5 signals to identify crypto scams

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) has issued a warning regarding the growing number of crypto scams and has listed five red flags that can help investors identify them. CoinTelegraph reported.

These red flags were: asking for immediate action, false claims, being an imposter, asking for personal information, and being asked to pay with a gift card or cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency market

Bitcoin continues its bullish trend with an increase of 3.26% in the past 24 hours to reach $ 22,370. Ethereum, on the other hand, fell 2.27% to trade at $ 1,722.

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