5 reasons to watch The Brave Ones on Netflix

This article discusses 5 reasons to watch Netflix series The Brave Ones and contains no spoilers.

Netflix will release a brand new South African series on September 16. It is intended to be a fantasy TV show rooted in the world of African gods and divine beings and continuing what Netflix has to say about the show in its description, it feels like something we’ve never seen before in any capacity.

How do things sound so far? Here are 5 reasons to watch The brave:

5 reasons to watch The brave on Netflix

Reason 1. South African mythology

We had Greek mythology, we had Norse mythology … but how up-to-date are you with your South African mythology? I’m tempted to bet that the answer to this question isn’t much. This is one of the things that first hits you when you look up The Brave –– will revolve around something that very little pop culture has dived into before, and for fans of mythology in general, it might be a brand new stone to look at.

Reason 2. The living, the unborn and the dead

What goes along with entertainment focused on gods and divine beings? Themes and stories that venture into realms beyond life itself.

The brave he will explore the living, but will also take a look at the unborn and the dead as part of his storyline that will feature revenge as a central element.

Reason 3. Characters who speak their mother tongue

This part, in particular, excites me, because it’s not something we see too often, but it also suggests that The brave it won’t anglicize its mythological elements too much and risk sacrificing what makes that part so interesting.

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Reason 4. A concise run

With six episodes, this is one of the shorter series for a Netflix series. It might be daunting for people who like to have a lot to get their teeth into, but at the same time it doesn’t require too much investment from the viewer. So, if you were to take a spin on any show, is this definitely a good reason?

Motif 5. Directed by Akin Omotoso

Akin Omotoso is very involved in the production of the whole The brave. It’s great that he had such a 360 degree involvement in the project, but most notable is his merit as a director, which comes not long after directing. Climb for Disney +.

You will be able to watch this series with a subscription to Netflix.

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