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London, UK, September 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – UniJoin has launched a CoinJoin technology, a Bitcoin Mixer and a Bitcoin Tumbler, through which it intends to allow users to make their crypto finances untraceable and bring anonymity to agreements.

According to the UniJoin team, its goal is to help users regain and maintain anonymity by using CoinJoin technology to mix their crypto assets in a pool with other users and receive untraceable coins in exchange for their contributions to the pool.

About UniJoin

UniJoin is a company that helps its users stay anonymous with their cryptocurrency finances by harnessing the power of CoinJoin technology.

The team explained that they have adopted the technology to improve users’ anonymity with their cryptocurrency finances, noting that most of the existing currencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin and a host of others are absolutely not anonymous but pseudonym.

Privatizing and analyzing your activities is super easy on the platform. Provided you can connect with your wallet address, you can easily read your financial assets on the blockchain and analyze them more easily than you would with a traditional bank.

According to the UniJoin team, you can also mix your cryptocurrencies in a pool with other anonymous users to regain and maintain anonymity. In return, you will receive untraceable coins that will help you stay anonymous.


UniJoin offers Bitcoin Mixer and Bitcoin Tumbler technology with anonymity guarantee to its user community.

As an anonymous user, UniJoin allows you to perform several functions which include storing crypto funds in your wallet after mixing, purchasing goods and services online, sending cryptocurrencies to acquaintances, and investing in resources digital in countries where cryptocurrencies are limited.

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Main features

  1. Ease of use

Simplicity is one of UniJoin’s greatest strengths. Staying anonymous with your cryptocurrencies is super easy on the platform. With a couple of steps, you will switch to Anonymous mode and conduct your business without revealing your identity.

  1. Tor browser integration

Reaching the highest level of anonymity is possible on UniJoin, thanks to its integration with Tor Browser which allows you to visit the platform as an anonymous user.

  1. No logs stored

UniJoin prioritizes the privacy of its users by not having a record of their activities.

  1. CoinJoin technology

Thanks to its integrated CoinJoin technology, the company provides the most optimized and highest quality mixing method.


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Contact with the media

Business Name: UniJoin LTD.
Contact name: Sergei Pavlov
Email: [email protected]
Location: London / United Kingdom

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