The director of “The School for Good and Evil” says the Netflix blockbuster is a different kind of fantasy

Kerry Washington and Charlize Theron as Professor Clarissa Dovey and Lady Lesso, The School for Good and Evil (2022)

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The beauty of genre fiction comes down to its malleability, not just in possibilities, but in possibilities in possibility; in the fantasy genre alone, we have the likes of high fantasy, dark fantasy, fairytale, and even magical realism, depending on where the mind can go with it all.

And such beauty looks set to take center stage when The school of good and evil, the Paul Feig-directed film adaptation of the popular young adult fantasy novels of the same name, flutters to Netflix this October. The film follows the plight of best friends Sophie and Agatha; the first a charming young woman who seems destined to become a princess, the second more an outcast who is labeled as a witch. The girls soon find themselves kidnapped by the principal of the School for Good and Evil, a duality of institutions where students are transformed into heroes and villains and are eventually trained to keep the good and bad energies of the world in balance.

They soon discover that their fortunes have been reversed, ending Agatha at School for Good, while Sophie is placed at School for Evil. Determined to find their way home, the two girls work together to make it happen, all while testing the limits of their friendship.

In an interview with Weekly entertainment

director Paul Feig (Spy, Ghostbusters (2016)) recalled how he instantly fell in love with the film’s script and, subsequently, the books it was based on.

“I’m always looking for female friendship stories – those are my favorite films to make – and I’ve also always wanted to create a world, and I’ve never had the chance to do that. I have to scratch the surface ghost Buster, but that was still our world. So this had everything I wanted. It was only after reading the script that I started reading the books and fell in love with everything they contained. They’re very dense, very imaginative and fun books, like Alice in Wonderland. “

He would go on to explain how his point of view with the film involved injecting a very specific kind of life into it; one that would be unique to this film and one that would shine brightly.

“I want to work across all genres, but fantasy was never a genre that I thought I was going to end up doing. It’s a difficult genre to make, and it’s a very specific genre. But once I read it and got to see the world of it, it was really fun. Everybody knows Harry Pottereverybody knows Frozenall those things, so my thought was ‘what if we did it based on Art Nouveau?’ “

The school of good and evil will be released on Netflix on October 19th.

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