The best Netflix movies and shows: the trends of September 11, 2022

The Netflix Top 10 Lists saw some major jolts on Saturday, thanks in large part to two content dips on the streamer at the weekend. Friday saw the release of both Queen Latifah End of the street And Cobra KaiThe highly anticipated fifth season. Both stocks wasted no time in making their mark as, by Saturday, both were at the top of their respective trending lists. But how are things today, you might ask? Well, let’s not waste any more time and let’s talk about it.

The main characters of Despicable Me.

(Image credit: Universal Pictures)

The 10 best movies on Netflix in the US – September 11, 2022

As assumed, End of the street is still number 1, which helps solidify the hypothesis that viewers like thrillers and / or a movie with Queen Latifah. by Jared Leto Morbioanother of the most notable movies on Netflix, managed to maintain its position in second place. Although Leto and Matt Smith’s Marvel Comic Film Bombed at the box office, it seems, has still aroused a lot of interest. despicable Me 2 And Despicable Me they are also still in third and fourth place respectively. And in another case of daily consistency within the ranking, that of Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg I time continues to hold it in fifth place.

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