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Trapped returns to the remote Icelandic fishing village of Trapped, which first aired on Netflix in 2016. Olafur Darri Olafsson and Ilmur Kristjansdottir also return as the detective and police chief who this time are investigating the brutal murder of a young man with ties to both a pagan sect and a gang of motorcyclists. Scandinavian noir lyrics, this one’s for you, whether you’ve seen the original series or not.


Opening shot: A group of men, women and children sit in a loose formation on the grassy slope above a village in the Icelandic countryside. Their arms are stretched outward, as if in exaltation.

The juice: They call themselves The Family and, with Oddur (Egill Olafsson) as their leader, they were free to worship as they saw fit on this hillside piece of property, which also includes an underground cave system. Then the roar and acceleration of motorcycles’ engines drown out their popular anthem. A group of young bikers, dressed in black leather with obvious rear patches (“Horns”), roll on the property. “You were warned already,” their hard-eyed, goateed leader says to Oddur and his assembled followers. “You should get out of here.” After a little more jaws, a younger member of the Family takes it upon himself to challenge the top rider. And in the ensuing brawl, it’s interesting that the phrase “fucking hippie scum!” does not translate from Icelandic.

Hinrika Kristjansdottir (Ilmur Kristjansdottir), police chief of Siglufjordur, answers at home. A body was found in Asar, the next fjord, and when she arrives at the Family compound, the boy from the crash with the bikers lies dead in a cave. His name was Ivar (Johann Kristofer Stefansson) and it turns out he was having an affair with Andri Olafsson (Olafur Darri Olafsson), the former boss of Siglufjordur who is now a financial crime detective in Reykjavik.

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After picking up his former father-in-law Eirikur (Porsteinn Gunnarsson) from prison, where he had finished a five-year-old beef for murder, Andri receives a visit from Reykjavik investigator Trausti Einarsson (Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson). Seven years earlier, they worked on a case in which Andri tagged Ivar as the prime suspect in his girlfriend’s disappearance. He was never accused and soon afterwards joined the group in Asar. Andri heads north with Eirikur in tow, reconnects with Hinrika and joins the investigation into Ivar’s murder against the will of Trausti, who appears to have his own ties to the Horns bikers.

What shows will it remind you of? Trapped it doesn’t appear to be currently available on Netflix, which is strange why Trapped serves as a third season / sequel and returns Olafar Darri Olafsson and Ilmur Kristjansdottir, among other cast members. But if you’re looking for Nordic noir murder mysteries, the streamer has you covered Dead wind (Finland), The murders of Valhalla (Norway), e The chestnut man (Denmark).

Our outlet: The angle of a biker gang is always good for storytelling of “problems in a small town”, and Trapped creates a bit of mystery right from the gate with the ownership dispute between the young Horns roustabouts and Oddur, whose group of pagan worship seems curiously well-funded for a group of people who just want to celebrate the change of season. Not only that, but in refined Scandinavian noir style, Trapped he can draw the lines of his central murder case through all the vague quirks that come up in the complex And the internal dynamics of the biker gang, as Ivar is revealed to be a former member of the Horns. (One of the Horns swears that Oddur “brainwashed” their ex-boyfriend.) There’s a lot to chew on like Trapped begins, and all this before the bikers bring in reinforcements from the mainland.

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Fans of the first two seasons of the series will also be happy to see so many familiar faces. There are few fantastic scenes here where a contemplative Andri, who seems to atone for the vengeful furies of his past, is reunited with Hinrika, who has settled into her role as police chief with confidence and a firm, confident hand. Trausti is the wild card here. Why did he look for Andri with information on Ivar’s murder if he doesn’t want him close to the case? Is it because of his ego problems, as Hinrika suggests? Or are his ties to the Horns deeper than he left with his colleagues?

Gender and skin: Ekkert her.

Farewell shot: The ferry from mainland Europe has arrived in Iceland, and with it reinforcements motorcyclists from the Horns chapter in Denmark. The group roars from the boat with the president of the Hopper gang (Thomas Bo Larsen, Another round) to its vanguard.

Sleeping Star: Trapped was filmed in Siglufjordur, a fishing village nestled in the foothills and hollow of a fjord on Iceland’s north coast, and the vast sloping mountains and sweeping stretches of lichen and grassland in the area are constants of pure beauty while the series unfolds.

Most of the pilot line: At pagan cult headquarters, Asa (Margret Vilhjalmsdottir) is doing what she can to make sure Ivar’s dead soul doesn’t stray. “Constraint is the servant’s pain,” she intones, scribbling in the dirt of the cave floor and referencing the Old Norse legend. “It was one of oppression and fatigue. Opera Niflungr. Ice is the bark of rivers and the roof of the wave and the destruction of the condemned “.

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Our call: STREAM IT. Trapped returns the main characters and strong Nordic noir vibes Trappedadds some intriguing wrinkles about pagans and bikers, and keeps the process going cheap with a six-episode package.

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