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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the most popular shonen series of all time and the long awaited second episode release on Netflix is ​​finally here. The first 12-episode series did a lot to establish the plight of Jolyne Cujoh (Kira Buckland), a young woman accused and convicted of a crime she did not commit, who then has to do with her father, a figure. powerful in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure universe, losing its Stand skills and memories.

While locked up in Green Dolphin Street Prison, Jolyne must use her new powers with her Stand, or the manifestation of her inner power, Stone Ocean, to escape and save her father. Now, after a long wait (and almost zero Netflix fanfare)Ocean of Stone is back with a new series of episodes that further explores this season’s Big Bad and is heading towards what will undoubtedly be an epic conclusion.

Opening shot: The camera pans around Florida’s Green Dolphin Street Jail before flashing inside. Jolyne is kneeling next to a bloody Ermes Costello (Tiana Camacho), the result of a fight from the previous series of episodes. The guards rush towards Jolyne and force her into a van, then chain her up and throw her into the Ultra Security House Unit. That’s where she will be forced to stay for a while, unfortunately.

The juice: The second half of the first season of Ocean of Stone begins with Jolyne being thrown into solitary confinement, then renews her resolve to break out of prison. Meanwhile, Hermes is working with his stand, Smack, which he intends to use to kill the man who killed his sister, Sports Maximum (Kane Jungbluth-Murry).

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Hermes takes it upon himself to trap Sports Maximum in a pipe with his Smack ability, and believes he is left there for dead. What he doesn’t realize is that, with her Stand, she will be able to command an army of invisible corpses that neither she, Jolyne, nor their FF ally (Brittany Lauda) will be able to see defeat.

But the real problem here is that, with every passing second, Jolyne Pale Snake’s opponent (YongYea) is getting closer and closer to achieving their ultimate goal of using the memories of Jolyne’s father Jotaro Kujo (Matthew Mercer) to create a new world. This episode is mostly about Ermes’ character development and his pay to Sports Maximum, but because he’s a valuable part of Jolyne’s team, the attention is definitely appreciated.

What shows will it remind you of? JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is full of knockout fights that will bring shows like Dragon Ball Z, Hunter x HunterAnd Yu Yu Hakusho to think. If you love ridiculous fights and even more ridiculous powers, you will find a lot to get excited about this season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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Our outlet:The opening for Ocean of StoneThe second series of episodes wastes no time getting into the swing of things. Enough time has passed, that’s for sure, and the action has continued from the very first moments of the episode. With the focus on Hermes alone, we can see more of his background and understand his hatred of Sports Maximum. If there was any misunderstanding about how the Stand worked him or it

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Gender and skin: None in this episode. There is a lot of blood distributed though, and some rather twisted body horror to come though. This is what may be a problem for some viewers.

Farewell shot: Hermes discovers the secret of Sports Maximum’s Stand and, just as he does, yells at Jolyne, standing over the injured body of the FF ally who is coming towards her. Jolyne lets her Stone Ocean fly and lands a few punches that land squarely on an apparent apparition of an alligator. He is covered in blood, but still launches himself at Jolyne and FF before the infamous “To Be Continue …” arrow appears on the screen and the screen vanishes.

Sleeping Star: Kane Jungbluth-Murry brings the sneaky Sports Maximum to life. The inmate and ex-gangster could care less about killing Hermes’ sister, and his affection for him is conveniently disconnected, until he has to react with his Stand, Limp Viscuit (yes, “viscuit” ). You can feel hatred dripping onto him, especially when he knows he’s being cornered.

Most of the pilot line: “For some reason, violence and death follow you wherever you go.” The prison guards lead Jolyne to the isolation unit. They are not wrong. They will continue to follow Jolyne throughout the rest of the series, of course. But there is a reason for this: Jolyne is going up against some really terrible people.

Our call: STREAM IT. Ocean of Stone is preparing for a very strange ending, if the anime follows the manga as closely as the previous one JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure seasons have. This new episode list starts with a bang, as well as some truly memorable moments, especially when it comes to learning more about the supporting cast’s past. It will be a quick recap of the latest episode released, so let’s hope Netflix doesn’t completely drop the ball again and gets the next batch of episodes in a timely fashion.

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