Rosario Dawson hopes to play a mutant role in the MCU

Rosario Dawson has built a very solid career steeped in nerdy roles. From Men in Black II to a live-action version of Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars, Dawson clearly likes being part of popular genre franchises.

After all, she was a key actor in Netflix’s street-level Marvel series, playing the role of Claire Temple in Reckless. She would later go on to play the character multiple times in the other related shows, with The Punisher being the only one in which it was not.

And when it comes to the roles and types of characters she’d like to play, Dawson doesn’t seem shy about sharing her list of dream franchises she’d like to step into.

The mutant ambitions of Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson, Daredevil

Talking with Collider

Marvel and Star Wars star Rosario Dawson discussed her career and the many characters in the franchise she inhabited as an actress.

“… I’ve done so many different kinds of things and I’ve done so many low-budget, independent things… and then these bigger, marathon projects. Like it was as funny as the idea that you couldn’t get people to watch an 18 hour movie, but you could watch 18 episodes and binge watch it, you know? … So it really depends on the person … what kind of humor you are in it.

Dawson went on to detail what happens in his decision-making process when choosing new projects, adding that he always tries. “challenge” And “push” herself about it.

“I feel like this was an important part of my decision making in terms of the film: ‘Have I done this before? And is it an audience that I haven’t explored? ‘ … I’m just trying to challenge myself, and push myself and not get too familiar. Some people really trust that you know you can count on their laugh or smile or something after 15 minutes and they become that type of actor or whatever, but I just want to be a part of all genres.

And as for those genres, she has a few that she would particularly like to tackle, most notably including something related to mutants for Marvel:

“I just want to be in all the universes I’m in … Marvel, DC, you know. I hope to be a mutant someday, and in Star Trek, and then, that’s it. Then I’m fine ”.

Dawson as a member of the X-Men?

It is worth noting that, as previously mentioned, Rosario Dawson has already played a Marvel character for several years. But should this preclude them from taking on a mutant role in the MCU?

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Some actors have already played several Marvel characters, including Gemma Chan Captain Marvel And Eternal. Not to mention the somewhat ambiguous nature of Netflix’s Marvel series when it comes to the MCU canon. It’s possible that Claire Temple could be played by someone else if she appears again, or that the character simply won’t be a determining factor. However, Dawson actually affirmed his strong desire to play Claire once again.

One has to ask though, which mutant character could Rosario Dawson play in the MCU? Moira MacTaggert, perhaps? Moira, in fact, has taken on a very important role in the last races on the. X-Men comics and Dawson seems to fit the character.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether the next Marvel Studios series Daredevil: Born again It will incorporate other Netflix cast besides Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio, but it could end that Dawson could return as Claire Temple once again when the show premieres in the spring of 2024.

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