Netflix limited series “The Watcher”: everything we know so far

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The observer is Netflix’s next limited series based on a true story published in New York Magazine’s The Cut. It comes from Ryan Murphy’s exit deal with Netflix and here’s the latest news on everything that is known about Netflix The Watcher currently has an October 2022 release date.

We unveiled exclusively The observer in February 2021 with the news that Ryan Murphy is attached.

Since then, we’ve received a lot of news regarding the seven-episode limited series. So let’s dig.

When The observer release on Netflix?

We can exclusively reveal that Netflix has an October 2022 release date The observerwhich means it will be part of Netflix’s Halloween 2022 lineup.

The show is currently about to debut on October 13, 2022, but this is subject to change.

So far, Netflix themselves have only confirmed a “Fall 2022” release window.

The series will be released as one of Ryan Murphy’s three Netflix Original Projects in the fall of 2022. The other two are. Mr. Harrigan’s phone And DAHMER.

A fourth Murphy project will also be released on FX in the form of American horror story season 11.

In the Ryan Murphy Productions teaser, The observer is depicted with the symbol of death in the letter.

What’s up The observer on Netflix about?

The series suitable for story of The Cut written in November 2018 by Reeves Wideman. The story is called The Watcher and comes with the slogan “A family bought their dream home. But according to the disturbing letters they started receiving, they weren’t the only ones interested in this.

One month after the story was released, Netflix acquired the rights to the story with the original intention of making a film.

The basic premise of the story is as follows:

“Based on the real case, which began in 2014, of the Broaddus family, who were spied on, threatened and finally pushed to sell their home and leave the city they loved, by a mysterious stalker who only identified himself as” The Observer “in the letters sent to Mr & Mrs Broaddus. “

Netflix’s official synopsis on the show page is as follows:

“Disturbing letters. Strange neighbors. Sinister threats. A family moves into their suburban dream home, only to find they’ve inherited a nightmare. “

The series will be suitable from the age of 15 according to the BBFC.

It is worth noting that real-life names from the original story are not used and are given fictional names instead.

the observer has cut the story

The Watcher’s story was seen on The Cut

In September 2022, Netflix began advertising the show with a viral campaign for the series starring Jennifer Coolidge as Karen Calhoun, the series’ real estate agent.

Through viral marketing with real ads, a Zillow List around the house, and a tour of the house, gives us a first taste of what we can expect.

Who is behind The Watcher on Netflix?

Ian Brennan is the key driver of the project and is also executive producer along with longtime collaborator Ryan Murphy. Eric Newman is also notably the executive producer. All three of the above names work with Netflix under broad general agreements.

Henry Joost and Bryan Unkeless are also executive producers.

Directors announced so far for the series include Paris Barclay, Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman.

The Watcher: Complete list of cast members

L’Osservatore features a huge ensemble cast with many familiar faces.

Let’s analyze the cast of The observer now:

The Watcher series leads

the observer guides the netflix cast members

Pictured: Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale, Jennifer Coolidge, Noma Dumezweni, Mia Farrow and Margo Martindale

Deadline has revealed the first three actors who are related to The Watcher in June 2021 And November 2021.

Noemi Watt (known for King Kong and Netflix gypsy) will play Nora, renamed Maria in the original story

Bobby Cannavale (known for The station agent and lends his voice to Netflix Big mouth) is on board to play Dean, renamed by Derek.

Jennifer Coolidge (which recently appeared on HBO’s The white lotus) will play Karen in the series, the real estate agent who shows the house to the family and described as charming and funny.

The main cast includes Noma Dumezweni (The Return of Mary Poppins), who will play private investigator Theodora (renamed by Reggie).

Mia Farrow is on board to play Pearl, who is the neighbor.

In the end, Margo Martindale is on board to play Maureen, another neighbor. She lives behind the house in question with her husband.

Other cast members in Netflix’s The Watcher

the grid observer of the cast other cast members

Pictured: Henry Hunter Hall, Richard Kind, Isabel Gravitt, Seth Gabel, Chris McDonald, Terry Kinney, Michael Nouri

To complete the cast:

Henry Hunter Hall as Dakota, a businessman who founded a security company.

Richard Kind will play Mitch, Isabel Gravitt will play Ellie, Seth Gabel will play Andrew, Chris McDonald will play Detective Chamberland, Terry Kinney will play Michael, and Michael Nouri will play Richard.

Also, according to IMDb listingswe will also see Aidan Pierce Brennan and Lily Talevski as protagonists.

Where is The Watcher in production?

Filming for the series took place between the end of September 2021 and concluded at the end of March 2022. The production was mainly shot in New York.

While we haven’t seen a lot of filming, we do know that some of the filming took place in Brooklyn, specifically at McCarran Park.

We will keep you updated until the release of The observer on Netflix, so keep this post as a favorite.

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