Netflix K-Drama ‘Bad Prosecutor’ Season 1: Coming to Netflix in October 2022

Bad Prosecutor season 1k drama coming to Netflix in October 2022

Another brand new K-drama is coming to Netflix in October 2022! Coming earlier this month, the KBS2 drama Bad prosecutor will release two episodes a week and will wrap up in November 2022. Here’s everything we know so far about Bad Prosecutor on Netflix

Bad prosecutor is an upcoming Netflix Original drama series directed by Kim Sung Ho and written by Im Young Bin.

When is the Netflix release date Bad prosecutor season 1?

We can confirm that the first episode of Bad prosecutor will be released on Netflix on Wednesday 5th October 2022.

There will be a total of 12 episodes, with new episodes available weekly every Wednesday and Thursday. The season finale should be broadcast Thursday 10 November 2022.

Each episode lasts approximately 70 minutes.

Note: Release dates are subject to change.

Episode release schedule
Episode Netflix release date
1 05/10/2022
2 06/10/2022
3 12/10/2022
4 13/10/2022
5 19/10/2022
6 20/10/2022
7 26/10/2022
8 27/10/2022
9 02/11/2022
10 03/11/2022
11 09/11/2022
12 10/11/2022

What is the plot Bad prosecutor?

The plot of Bad prosecutor was taken from Soompi:

The story of a prosecutor named Jin Jung, armed with bad manners and delinquency. He destroys the sanctuaries created by wealth and power, and even overthrows the greedy who live in those sanctuaries. He uses expedient methods over conventional ones, tricks on standard procedures and delinquency on sincerity to prevent corrupt authorities from undermining society.

Whose cast members are Bad prosecutor season 1?

It has been four years since Doh Kyung Soo was last seen in a K-Drama, however, for eighteen months between July 2019 and January 2021, the actor did his compulsory military service. Doh Kyung Soo is already extremely popular thanks to his musical career in the South Korean-Chinese boys group EXO. DO, however, his popularity among K-drama fans has grown tremendously thanks to his starring role in 100 days my prince. Bad Prosecutor will be Doh Kyung Soo’s Netflix Original debut and will play the role of Jin Jung.

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bad prosecutor season 1 k drama coming to netflix in october 2022 do kyung soo

Lee Se Hee will be in his first starring role for Netflix as Shin Ah Ra. He recently starred in the hugely popular K-drama series Young Lady and Gentleman and previously had a supporting role in the beloved Netflix series. Hospital playlist like Kang So Ye.

villain prosecutor season 1 k drama coming to netflix in october 2022 lee se hee copy

Ha Joon takes on the role of Oh Do Hwan and will make her first appearance in a Netflix Original series since the Arthdal ​​Chronicles.

villain prosecutor season 1 k drama coming to netflix in october 2022 has joon

Joo Bo Young has already starred in three Netflix Original series, including Twenty Five Twenty OneAnd To boothowever, his role as Baek Eun Ji in Bad prosecutor is the first leading role in her acting career.

The full cast of Bad prosecutor it was confirmed:

  • Doh Kyung Soo as Jin Jung
  • Lee Se Hee as Shin Ah Ra
  • It has Joon in the role of Oh Do Hwan
  • Joo Bo Young as Baek Eun Ji
  • Lee Si Eon as Go Joong Do
  • Kim Sang Ho as Park Jae Kyung
  • Yun Joon Suk as an employee
  • Lee Hyo Na as Park Ye Young
  • Kim Tae Woo as Kim Tae Ho
  • Kim Hi Eo Ra as the head of the organization
  • Yoon Jung Sub as Mr. Park
  • Kim Yoo Hwan as Seo Ji Han
  • Hong sang Pyo
  • Kim Chang Wan
  • Kim Geum SOON
  • Shin Seung Hwan

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