Morbius dominated the Netflix Top 10

Last week, Netflix had a surprise for Marvel fans when the streamer announced in the middle of the night that he had added Morbio to his list. There was no news of Morbio Coming to Netflix Before Launch: The new Marvel movie wasn’t part of Netflix’s September newsletter. Subscribers seemed to be enjoying the surprise, however, as they immediately flocked Morbio once it was available.

Morbio has been a dominant force in Netflix’s Top 10 for the past week. The latest collaboration between Sony and Marvel quickly climbed to the top of Netflix’s list of 10 best movies after coming to the service. Since, Morbio remained in the top two places on the list every day.

Monday’s edition of Netflix Top 10 Movies shows the new original movie End of the street in first place, with Morbio right behind number two.

Below you can check out a full rundown of Netflix’s Top 10 on Monday!

1. End of the road

(Photo: Netflix)

“Mum Brenda, recently widowed, fights to protect her family on a harrowing journey when murder and a missing money bag put her in danger.”



2. Morbio


“A biochemist with a rare blood disease looking for a cure injects himself with a dangerous serum that gives him super strength and a thirst for blood.”


3. Despicable Me 2


“More gadgets, more minions, more chaos! As Gru turns his back on his evil ways of taking care of his girls, a secret agency recruits him to fight evil.”


4. Despicable me


“Evil Gru devises a plan to steal the moon from the sky. But he has a hard time staying at work after three orphans are placed in his care.”


5. Time for me

(Photo: Netflix)

“With his distant family, a devoted homemaker enjoys the first time in years with me by joining his old party friend on a wild birthday adventure.”


6. Friday


“On a random Friday in their Los Angeles neighborhood, Craig, a newly unemployed man, and his stoned friend Smokey try to find $ 200 to pay off a debt.”


7. No limits

“An extraordinarily talented young woman finds deep and destructive love with her record breaking freediving instructor in this visually captivating romantic drama.”


8. Love in the villa

(Photo: Netflix)

“Julie’s dream trip to Verona, Italy becomes unfortunate when she discovers that her rented villa is already occupied by an annoyingly attractive stranger.”


9. Sing 2

(Photo: Universal Studios / Canta 2)

“Buster Moon and his musically gifted friends must convince lone rock star Clay Calloway to join them for the opening of their new show.”


10. Next Friday

“When his archenemy breaks out of prison seeking revenge, Craig moves with his relatives to a trendy suburb – and chaos quickly ensues.”


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