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The cryptocurrency market has become the first choice for people who want to achieve financial freedom status in a very short time. This market has dominated all other trading markets and the number of investors and traders is increasing day by day. This huge investment in this digital commodity has greatly increased the demand for cryptocurrencies, causing a boom in the value of cryptocurrencies. Who knew that a single Bitcoin that was only worth two pizzas in 2020 would trade for over $ 45,000 in 2021?

Investors who saw the future in this market and invested at the beginning of this digital market are now billionaires and enjoy financial freedom status. The opportunity is still here and waiting for you to become the one who is enjoying this state.

The cryptocurrency market is a complex trading market that is truly impossible for a human to understand. Even experienced traders often struggle to predict an accurate or near-accurate pattern due to its volatile nature. To reduce this stress, some developers have used high-tech artificial intelligence tools and invented auto trading robots that can do the job of creating models for you.

It was Bitcoin is an automated cryptocurrency trading robot programmed with the help of complex algorithms and advanced artificial intelligence tools. The robot has a whopping 98% accuracy rate, which means that almost all predicted models are accurate and profitable.

Free to use

Bitcoin Era is a totally free platform that does not deduct any fees or charges at any time. You can create your account with this handy app without registration fees or without providing your credit card details. You are not asked to provide such details at any time.

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It supports various cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Era allows its users to trade different cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, XRP, Lit, etc. You can trade any cryptocurrency where you feel a profit. Furthermore, Bitcoin Era also allows its users to trade in different fiat currencies. A user can trade USD, EU and some other fiat currencies to make additional profits via this app.

Easy to use

The Bitcoin Era interface has been made very simple and easy so that everyone can benefit from it in a similar way. From signing up to funding your account, this whole process will be done in under 30 minutes. So, if you have decided to make money through Bitcoin Era, you will be in the game right after 40 minutes.

Quick account verification

Account verification on any online platform is mandatory. But Bitcoin Era made it super simple and easy. It is not necessary to submit your ID details or academic certificates. You just have to fill out a registration form where you will be asked to enter only your basic information. The platform will verify your provided data in seconds and you will be notified of the account activation via an automated email. This verification process is required to protect your payments and other account information.

Demo account

As the cryptocurrency market is said to be the most complex and volatile trading market, it is not easy to get to know this market without practicing. But practicing in this market can cause heavy losses. A single wrong move can liquidate the entire amount and you will be left with nothing in hand.

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Bitcoin Era addresses this challenge in a whole new way. The platform has introduced a demo account policy for its users in order to practice in the real world with the help of virtual money. This practice saves the money invested from any losses and will help you fully understand the nature of the cryptocurrency market.

You are only granted access to this demo account for a certain period of time, once you think you are knowledgeable enough to understand the basics of the market, you can start trading live.

To take advantage of this account, you must first have a registered account with at least a minimum deposit. You can apply or use this demo account only after making a deposit into your Bitcoin Era account.

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