Everything to know about Lazy in Space

Nine years ago, an unannounced animation arrived on YouTube’s Cartoon Hangover channel. Born from an idea of ​​the writer and storyboard artist Natasha Allegri, Bee and PuppyCatThe off-the-wall take on reality and witty humor was a dormant success, slowly building their own fandom so enthralled by the premise that they funded the most successful animation Kickstarter in the platform’s history to fund the first season.

Fast forward to 2022 and Netflix has resumed the show, with sixteen episodes of a new (ish) series that came out last week and sent fans into ecstasy. So, if you’re new to Bee’s wild and rebellious universe and her long-suffering … whatever it is … what should you expect? We’ve got you covered.


Bee and PuppyCat: The Plot

It’s easy to see how Bee and PuppyCat recourse in the difficult and cramped circumstances of our day. Bee is a rudderless 20-year-old who is trapped in a cycle of minimum wage jobs and struggles to earn monthly rent. One day, her savior falls from the sky in the form of an alien creature, half cat, half dog, with whom she befriends.

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In exchange for her company, PuppyCat arranges for Bee to be transported to another dimension where she sees TempBot, a huge sentient television screen with the power to assign the weird and wonderful jobs that allow her to pay the bills.

With TempBot acting as a generator of cosmic textures, the adventures of Bee and PuppyCat can literally sweep through time and space. It casts an ongoing mystery into PuppyCat’s backstory and their will, they won’t have a relationship between Bee and her friend chef Deckard, and the conditions for success will arise. Nearly three-quarters of a million dollars were raised on Kickstarter in 2013 to turn what was then a short YouTube video into a full six-minute ten-episode series.

A second season, subtitled Lazy in spaceleaked online in 2020. Netflix’s soft reboot cuts season one into three specially produced episodes, featuring Lazy in space forming the rest of the season’s content.

Bee and PuppyCat: the cast

Voicing the part of Bee is Allyn Rachel. With few television and film roles to his credit before Bee and PuppyCatRachel has since appeared in minor supporting roles in films such as Kong: Skull Island and the 2018 Mark Wahlberg vehicle Instant family. His television work was more varied, including a recurring role in the front Doctor who starring Karen Gillan in the short-lived ABC sitcom Selfie and appearances alongside Kristen Bell in The good place.

His co-star – if “co-star” is the right term – is a Vocaloid named Oliver. Using a software program for voice work is anything but of rigor on YouTube and TikTok channels at high volume these days, but a little less usual for a TV series. The move works, however, as Oliver’s appropriately modified tones create an otherworldly sounding PuppyCat – the cat (perhaps) that smells like a dog.

Deckard’s part, meanwhile, is voiced by Kent Osborne, whose animated credits include Kung Fu Panda And Monsters versus aliensand who has written for other animated projects like SpongeBob SquarePants, Phineas and Ferband Cartoon Network The fantastic world of chewing gum.

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And with a variety of famous voice actors who have offered their services over the years, including Star Trek: The Next Generationby Marina Sirtis, king of the Hillby Stefano Radice, Looney Tunes voice actor Eric Bauza, Donna Jay Fulks dei Sonic the hedgehog franchise, and the invaluable creator of The room Tommy Wiseau, Bee and PuppyCatThe latter’s esteem and credibility could hardly be higher.

Release and reviews

Bee and PuppyCat: lazy in space is now on Netflix and the reviews have been equally gushing and enthusiastic. “Like a warm hug from a long lost friend,” he said The borderwhile “nonchalant, extravagant and easily recognizable” it was GameRantThe verdict It’s not just the combination of pretty visuals and reassuring textures that does the trick for viewers, but the demanding nature of the work, led by Japanese studio OLM and American firm Frederator Studios, and the attention to detail it has given to the show the quality mark.

But the big question on fans’ lips is: will there be a third season? With the series only available to stream since the beginning of the month, Netflix hasn’t made any announcements so far. It is undoubtedly analyzing metrics like completion rate to gauge audience response. Earlier this year, however, creator Allegri posted short animated clips on social media that hadn’t previously been posted, suggesting a third season is at least in the offing if you’re not actively working. As always with these things, however, popularity and audience figures are the only surefire way to ensure the continuation of the series.

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