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In addition to selling its inventory a-la-carte, MX also has its own programmatic advertising network which it has integrated with Google. It also launched MX Advantage, which allows MSMEs to advertise on its platform. Advertisers can also geo-target and reach target audiences. “We are also building our MX Audience network. We are partnering with publishers, which is mainly what Google does. We will be able to deliver a better ROI so that you get your value and our value too. We want to be the largest ad serving platform in the country. So, it’s about expanding advertising opportunities, “Gandhi explains.

In addition to aggregating broadcaster shows and launching their own original shows (MX Originals), the OTT platform has recently ventured into live streaming (MX Live) and gaming (MX Games) as well. The platform earlier this year launched the “Lock Upp” reality show, which also had a live stream from the show’s sets. Similarly, in the second season of its popular original show, “Ashram”, the OTT platform created custom games. “With games, engagement increased 1.5x. What we have seen is that the streamer user base is growing steadily with each passing week and this is really pushing us to take greater risks when it comes to content, ”Gandhi points out.

The OTT platform expects its SVOD service to contribute around 10% -15% to its overall long-term revenue, but direct monetization says Gandhi will ultimately contribute around 25%. “We want to create direct consumer monetization opportunities through our in-app game purchases. We just launched online gifts. There are three to four levels of direct monetization that we will build. “

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MX has also started investing in branded content under its vertical, MX Studios. “Here, we essentially do a lot of research and then write a story as a script and take it to the advertiser to check if it’s enough for their brand, then we start building the narrative and integrating the advertiser. So it works for them, it works for us. and for users. Last year we did a series for Abu Dhabi Tourism- Wanderlust. This year we will do a mixed martial arts show with actor Suniel Shetty as presenter, “says Gandhi.

The platform claims that after YouTube it is the second app to get over a billion downloads and this is what gives it the confidence to move forward with a predominantly AVOD business model. So how far is MX Player from profitability? CEO, Bedi, admits he’s still a long way from profitability. “Nobody in the industry is profitable, it takes a while to get there. But we are clear that going forward we will replace the TV ”.

Elara’s Taurani agrees that MX’s strategy certainly worked, but believes a large SVOD base will allow them to compete better with other players. “The cost of content is high, but the customers at SVOD are clingy,” he says. Going back to Netflix, for an AVOD model, the platform would definitely review its content strategy, at least in India. Its current subway-centric content may not work in the AVOD model, as it’s about appealing to the masses.

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