“Bee and PuppyCat” premiered on YouTube in 2013. Nine years later, its second season hit Netflix.

In 2013, Adventure time character designer Natascia Allegri previewed Bee and PuppyCat, an animated series about a silly worker and her adorable alien pet. The show, initially conducted by the producer Frederatore on his A cartoon hangover YouTube channel, it was an instant hit. A campaign to fund the full first season set Kickstarter records by raising over $ 872,000 as well Bee and PuppyCat has become one of the most prominent IPs on the Cartoon Hangover channel.

Nine years later, the second season of Allegri’s animated fantasy has arrived on Netflix. The new episodes of Bee and PuppyCatwhich carry the collective subtitle Lazy in space, tells the initial plot of the web series before taking it in a new direction. The atmosphere is still as strange and wonderful as it once was, though some devoted fans they are irritated by the changes that have been made during the long hiatus of the show.

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So what took so long?

After Bee and PuppyCatKickstarter’s resounding triumph, there was a lot of excitement around the series. Animation, however, is an art that requires time and detail Bee and PuppyCatThe second season took years to come to light. In 2018, Frederator revealed that the new episodes would launch exclusively on the streaming service owned by AT&T VRV in 2019.

In 2019, VRV had problems. The niche subscription service was launched in 2017 as a set of nerdy channels, one of which was Cartoon Hangover. Numerous setbacks soon followed, including the departure of key channels

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and AT & T’s increased focus on a different streaming product, HBO Max. By 2022, remaining VRV subscribers were encouraged to do so. transfer your subscriptions elsewhere.

Enter Netflix. The streaming giant collected Bee and PuppyCat in 2020, with a plan for the show’s second season release in 2022. Allegri’s project fits perfectly with a Netflix lineup that also includes other sophisticated animated shows, such as BoJack Knight And Arcane.

An unusual development process led to an unusual episode structure.

In total, 16 episodes of Bee and PuppyCat dropped on Netflix on September 6. The first three installments cover the same territory as the first season, although some points of the plot have been rearranged and some lines have been changed. The remaining 13 episodes continue the story of the team mates. If you want to get caught by yours Bee and PuppyCat tradition before diving into its next chapter, A Cartoon Hangover got you covered.

The storyline isn’t the only thing that has changed over the course Bee and PuppyCatthe ten-year Japanese study trip OLM gave the new episodes a slightly different feel to their predecessors, although the show still features a blend of Eastern and Western animation styles.

So this version of Bee and PuppyCat it’s not quite the same as the one that fascinated YouTube all those years ago. But it’s still a relief to see such a fascinating and creative series out there. How a commentator to put it: “This show has been in the works for about nine years and I love its inability to die.”

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