White Water Online (Netflix, Hulu, Prime)

Gold Rush: White Water is a spin-off of the Discovery reality franchise, and this is where it can be found online and whether it’s on Netflix, Hulu, or Prime.

Here’s where the spin-off series Gold rush: white water can be found online and whether it is on platforms such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. The Gold rush franchising began in 2010 with Gold rush: Alaska, who followed a gold-mining team headed to Alaska to save themselves from financial ruin. The Discovery Channel series was an instant hit and there were 12 seasons of the original Gold rush to date. Smelling a potential franchise, Discovery didn’t take long to put the spin-offs into the works.


There were eight Gold rush spin-offs so far, including Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue or Gold rush: Dave Turin’s lost mine, where Turin looks for gold in “failed” mines; the latter received four seasons alone. Even the goldmine of Discovery Channel’s small reality show shows no signs of slowing down, with the latest show … Gold of the Hoffman family – debuting in 2022. The show has spawned a few stars of its own, including the aforementioned Freddy Dodge and Fred Hurt (AKA “Dakota” Fred).

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Hurt made his debut in the second season of the original Gold rush, and was a recurring figure until the fourth season. It seems that some sort of salary dispute arose during this time between Hurt and the Discovery Channel, when she left the show and went on to work on the documentary. Golden bloodwhich he had no connection with Gold rush. Hurt and his “Dakota” boys later returned to the Gold rush franchise with spin-offs White waterwhich is available for online viewing from multiple retail outlets, although it cannot currently be streamed from Netflix, Hulu, or Prime.

Where to watch the gold rush: White Water

Instead, Gold rush: white water is streamed from services like Discovery Plus, Discovery +’s Amazon Channel, or Discovery GO, second Watch it. It is also available to stream from services like Sling TV, Spectrum, or DirecTV. Alternatively, all five seasons of Gold rush: white water are available for purchase from other services, including Vudu, iTunes, or Amazon Video.

Gold rush: white water debuted in 2018 and once again followed Fred, his son Dustin and their crew on a hunt for gold in Alaska. White water proved to be another major reality series hit for Discovery, with the spin-off running for five seasons starting in 2022. It is currently unknown whether this streak will continue or whether Gold rush: white water it will be renewed for the umpteenth series, but given the strength of the franchise, the odds are good.

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