The “Fire and Sulfur” maxi bitcoins are not realistic: Dan Held

Famous cryptocurrency influencer Dan Held believes Bitcoin devotees could benefit from being more open and less dismissive of others’ choice of cryptocurrency.

Held, marketing consultant at Trust Machines and former head of growth and marketing at cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, calls himself a longtime Bitcoiner but no longer a “maximalist,” someone who believes that Bitcoin is the only digital asset in which is worth investing.

Engaged in the cryptocurrency community since 2013, Held says he recalls an era when the culture around Bitcoin was oriented towards radical freedom and associated with events like Burning Man, which is based on the principles of self-reliance and self-expression.

In the last episode of DecryptOn the gm podcast, Held said he saw a divergence between Bitcoin supporters in two distinct sides.

“She more refuses any kind of identity other than a very conservative one,” he said. “And then the other, it’s just more permissive: we build new things on Bitcoin and we shouldn’t demonize people because they have other resources.”

Noting that Bitcoin is an authorization-less network, meaning participant engagement is not controlled by a centralized authority such as an administrator, he sees the current tone of Bitcoin’s maximalism as somewhat contrary to its original ethics.

“I see an increasingly conservative part, where they require purity tests that are somehow impossible to obtain,” he said. “I think it’s unrealistic.”

According to Held, a segment of Bitcoin’s biggest advocates today behave more like members of a religion than investors, with some degree of intolerance for people who are not receptive to investing only in Bitcoin. He thinks a softer approach to supporting Bitcoin as a digital asset would ultimately be more productive.

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His logic is that Bitcoin was built around ideals of financial freedom and that telling people how they should invest in cryptocurrencies without some degree of permissiveness is not the best way to go, even though Held still thinks Bitcoin is the best reserve. of value as a digital asset.

“Some of these more diehard conservative types are akin to a preacher standing outside a casino,” he said, describing Bitcoin maximalists trying to dissuade people from buying more coins. “The preacher is not wrong, they are just a little annoying.”

Held thinks it’s more important to put emphasis on arguments in favor of Bitcoin’s long-term success than to simply support the cryptocurrency as fervently as possible, particularly trying to convey the potential trade-offs between it and other digital assets.

He said. “I guess it’s a fire and a brimstone compared to a more accepting kind of atmosphere, we’re all sinners.”

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