“The Crown” increases in popularity on Netflix after the death of Queen Elizabeth II

the crown is gaining popularity on netflix

The Crown – Image: Netflix

The crown gained popularity on Netflix in the last few days after Queen Elizabeth II’s death. Both the demand for the series using external sources and Netflix’s top 10 have skyrocketed, becoming one of the biggest shows globally before season 5 hits Netflix later this year.

As you have surely heard, on September 8th Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96.

Her death ends the monarch’s 70-year reign as queen of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth kingdoms.

We’ve seen round-the-clock coverage of various events following the news and evidently a lot of people are watching or watching The crown on Netflix for the first time.

The prestigious Netflix series began in 2016 and has since seen the release of four seasons, with two more on the way. The show sought to document the entire reign of her queen, from her uncle abdicating the throne, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth and the ups and downs of the royal family over the past 7 decades.

Peter Morgan, the showrunner of The crown, called the series a “love letter” to Queen Elizabeth.

The Crown returns to Netflix’s Top 10 globally

Netflix’s top 10 data suggests the show is making a comeback in the top 10 everywhere, not just in the UK or the US.

FlixPatrol suggests the show is now featured in 72 top 10 in Netflix regions around the world. The show reached number 1 in Ukraine and number 2 in Bulgaria, Italy and Malta on September 11.

Elsewhere, the show is the fourth largest TV series in the US and the third largest TV series in the UK.

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As of September 11, the show is the fourth largest TV show on Netflix globally behind Cobra Kai, Devil in OhioAnd Diary of a gigolo.

netflix top 10s September 11th

Flixpatrol data of 11 September 2022

The show garnered the 16th most points of any TV series between September 4 and September 11 based on the top 10.

The crown rockets required on the Internet

External demand (using data from Reddit, Wikipedia, Twitter, Google Trends, and IMDb) suggests that the show has increased as well.

According to TelevisionStats.com, The crown it became the seventh largest show in the world behind LOTR: The rings of power, Cobra Kai, House of the Dragon, Stranger things, Game of Thrones, And She-Hulk.

It’s the third-biggest show on Netflix, up 12 spots from a week ago.

the crown of televisionstatscom external demand

Wikipedia visits for The crown they went from around 7-8,000 daily visits to over 100,000 on 9 September.

The Crown’s fifth season will arrive in November 2022, and the sixth season has stopped filming

The news of the rebirth comes just a couple of months before the fifth season of The crown coming to Netflix. A release date has not yet been announced, but it is scheduled for November 2022.

The new season will once again see an updated cast as time goes on. This will be the third update in the life of the show.

Season 6 of The crown stopped filming, second Hollywood businesses following the news out of respect.

IS been reported prior to recent events, plans were in place for the Netflix show if the monarch were to die. Insider told the New York Post earlier this year, “Filming will stop immediately if we’re in production, for at least a week,” adding, “There would also be a lot of discussion about when to start over.”

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Recently, Netflix announced that Rufus Kampas and Ed McVey will play Prince William and Meg Bellamy will play Kate Middleton in upcoming episodes.

You’re reviewing The crown on Netflix right now or watching for the first time? Let us know in the comments below.

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