“Sandman” Keeps Netflix Leading Stream as “Stranger Things” Retires (NASDAQ: NFLX)

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by Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) mega success Stranger things it may finally end after dominating viewing with its most recent season, but the streamer has replacement programming ready to dominate the eyeballs.

The success of retro-horror / science fiction has fallen third place overall in Nielsen’s latest weekly stream judgments

(for August 8-14), with an impressive 1.123 billion minutes still streaming. It has been surpassed by another Netflix fantasy series – The man of sand it rose to number 1 in its first full week, with 1.386 billion minutes streaming, in addition to the movie Unexplored, which brought Netflix another 1.185 billion minutes.

Netflix also held the next three spots on the overall list, with Jamie Foxx’s film Day shift (982 million minutes), hit series virgin river (923 million minutes) e Lock and key (919 million minutes). But then Disney + (NYSE: DIS) managed to beat Netflix’s kids standby CoComelon (ninth this week with 702 million minutes) with a new season of Blue, good enough for no. 7 and 917 million minutes. Disney + also positioned its film Light year returns to the general list at number 10 with 700 million minutes in streaming.

by Bluey 917 million minutes was good enough to complete a acquired series list usually led by Netflix, before that of Netflix NCIS (764 million minutes), CoComelon (702 million minutes), Grey’s Anatomy (604 million minutes), Riverdale (578 million minutes) e Gilmore Girls (456 million minutes).

But HBO Max (WBD) has made its presence felt on the list again, with game of Thrones arriving with 431 million minutes before House of the Dragon premiere August 21, e The Big Bang Theory drawing 399 million minutes of streaming.

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The original series chart was overtaken by Netflix (NFLX) and The Sandman, Stranger Things, Virgin River And Lock and key. However, a couple of other streamers made a dent: Hulu (DIS) (CMCSA) hit number 7 with Only murders in the building as it approached the Season 2 finale (379 million minutes) and Amazon Prime Video (AMZN) hit number 8 with A league of its own (326 million minutes).

The movie chart also offered an interesting mix. While Netflix (NFLX) tops the list with Unexplored And Day shift, Disney (DIS) Light year was third best at 700 million minutes and Hulu fourth with Predator entry into franchising Prey (480 million minutes). Prime Video (AMZN) also entered the list at number 6, with Thirteen lives (333 million minutes).

(Nielsen streaming ratings now include viewing of six major streamers: Amazon Prime Video (AMZN), Apple TV + (AAPL), Disney + (DIS), HBO Max (WBD), Hulu (DIS) (CMCSA) and Netflix (NFLX ).)

Both Netflix and Disney are heading for some sort of showdown as each tries to get their ad-supported service off the ground first.

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