Review of love in the villa

A developing quarrel, a fascinating city and a theme of rivals becoming lovers. These are traditional components of a romantic comedy, which viewers adore and occasionally detest. “Love Finds a Way” or “Love Finds a Way” appears in Mark Steven Johnson’s new film when a booking error forces two strangers to share a villa in Verona, Italy, the city of love. Like other romantic comedies, love in the mansion borrows recognizable aspects, such as two attractive protagonists, great chemistry, and a fun love journey for an unexpected couple. love in the villa has the right balance between humor and romance, especially when the plot becomes implausible, even if it doesn’t break the boundaries of the genre.

3rd grade teacher Julie (Kat Graham), organized and romantic at heart, spent a lot of time planning a trip to Verona, Italy, with her four-year partner, Brandon (Raymond Ablack). After a sudden separation, Julie makes the decision to travel alone to the city of love, but she is eager to experience everything on her own level. Julie’s plans don’t go as she had hoped. Her suitcase is lost at the airport after her tumultuous trip to Italy. Worse still, Julie discovers that Charlie, who is adorable but pessimistic, has already moved into the mansion she had booked (Tom Hopper). Julie will not only have to put up with the British foreign pessimist living in the mansion, but she will also have to endure a long game of roommate wars.

While it’s absurd to expect even a pinch of reality from a romantic comedy, love in the mansion is the kind of film that demands it. Unfortunately, Johnson’s film takes too many absurd turns for audiences to fully appreciate all it has to offer. For example, within the first fifteen minutes, Julie gets in the car with a complete stranger (and an unreliable car sharing service) and then strolls the streets of Verona without securing her suitcase. One of the main fundamental problems with the script is that these are not experiences of a lone traveler. There is no true portrait of a woman’s point of view and the storytelling would have greatly benefited.

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Love in the Villa is a pleasant romantic comedy that is able to entertain and provide its viewers with the right amount of romance. It has all the right clich├ęs and just the right amount of sweetness that a narrative like this needs. It captures the truth that being a hopeless romantic is perfectly acceptable even if it doesn’t emphasize the value of individualism outside of a relationship. Though love in the mansion is basically a silly romantic comedy, Graham and Hopper’s magnetic chemistry makes it worth embracing its absurdity and unrealistic moments just for them.

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